Working on a little Ash Soan drum play-along track. Here’s my progress so far.

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Check out this cool little buddy I met today. Is it wearing goggle?

What are some good hashtags and follows for music/musicians? I see a lot of art which is great but not seeing a lot of music stuff.

A short history of the drumset. I can’t think of another instrument that was a synthesis over time of so many cultural influences and practical considerations as well as consolidating the jobs of other musicians into one.

Working on a little rudimental drum groove. Super hard to get to feel in the pocket at relaxed tempo.

To wit: I keep flirting with the idea of posting more music in progress online. Little drum grooves, acoustic guitar stuff. Not to show-off or even get feedback, just to keep me honest about my playing. It’s working I guess, because I never post anything after watching it.

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Meaningful self-criticism is really difficult. It’s so easy to look at your work and see what’s wrong. Much harder to make a plan to correct those things without getting discouraged. Even harder to pick out the good things, at least for me.

@Stoneymonster PlatformIO extension has serial terminal in it that I use.

Is there a serial terminal extension for VSCode? Not finding much.

No one seems to write songs about Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Moon Shadow on Jupiter

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS; Processing & License: Thomas Thomopoulos #APoD

Does anyone know why doesn’t seem to be an option for the iOS app?

One thing I don't quite understand about this place:

What happens if your registered instance goes away?

Is it like the last scene with Roy in Blade Runner?


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