I don’t understand why the video has no sound, this was indeed my best storm of 2018 so far. I’ll just post a link to my IG post if you want the audio with this video instagram.com/p/BnFE7-1htxE/

Today’s the last day this week to use Lyft, I have my car back the rest of the week yay

Even if I wanted to move to lets say BOFA if I get an invite, I probably will gain nothing, it's like deleting my previous twitter account and start over except I have an option to migrate followers unlike the others

The store is playing that song from eharmony. Please stop playing love songs

Comparing Dark Sky vs CARROT⁵ Weather. I prefer CARROT⁵ way more

First song I hear when I got into my Lyft car was Van Halen’s Why can’t this be love

Yay, I just told someone how to identify a song with Siri

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