also check out this coyote on public transit in the city i live in

I think ive gotten enough games till next pay......botw and sims 4 plus extra stuff dor sims gonna regret this but eh x3

Abandoned skype cuz everytime i;go on there im hurt by something either memories or just being seen as a ghost to everyone on there but eh, my besties still;got;me on discord and line...

so we're talking about oreos now? the best way to eat them is go simple and just dunk them in some fuckin milk til theyre soft and then bite them.

;n; i dropped my stuffed animal on the beanbag forgetting it was wet because of some weird leak 😢

I recently looked at skype history and out of the people that called me their best friend(not counting my bf or those that are inactive on skype) only one person who i rarley talked to(we are just in a group together) got worried about me when i was getting so down i wanted to just die so bad he actually went and asked me what was wrong yet the others didnt attempt and one recently silently left me...

Ahhhh guys should i get botw or arms or save and get 2ds xl and sploon 2 later

its called a road its called a rainbow road
it is a road that you go

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