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Kate Shaw @StrangeAnimalsPodcast@mastodon.social

I woke two hours before my alarm and couldn't get back to sleep. This is probably because I'm getting super old and old people wake up at 5am. πŸ˜‘

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How long does it take to rotate four little tires, anyway? /whining

Our big work meeting day is over! Now I can mostly slack off the rest of the week until they send us home early on Friday. 😁

I'm about to mail my sister in law's present and at that point I'm DONE with all my shopping and wrapping!

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the phonetic alphabet!! try spelling your name!

Happy Thanksgiving! If you don't live in the US, you can celebrate anyway by eating far more rich food at lunch than any sensible person would ordinarily eat.

I'm preparing for my first guest spot on another podcast and I'm so nervous I won't be able to get Skype to work. My laptop is such crap.

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Masto is feeling like going to a small event or party you were assured would be "really cool and nice" and it actually turns out to be both of those things and everyone there just wants to hang out

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Folks who're annoyed about the inability to move to another instance without being able to take your followers with you:

"Account migration" has been a feature request on the Github issue list for quite a long time. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

It is a BIG job, but it is on the list and the devs are aware of it. It could take a long time.

Clicking through to the issue on Github and clicking "thumbs-up" and leaving a comment about your suboptimal new-user experience is really helpful.

CC @chuckwendig

I suppose I should do a proper , with hashtags and everything.

I'm a , Strange Animals Podcast
I'm a and listen to
I'm also a and , especially of and
And I'm a and like

If anyone can recommend instances focusing on any of my interests, that'd be awesome! Happy to be here and hello everyone!

Anyone know if there's a Mastodon instance for drummers yet?

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Please direct your friends to joinmastodon.org or another instance of your choice like octodon.social, toot.cat or toot.cafe, etc. mastodon.social is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

All right, who is responsible for earworming me with a Spice Girls song?

Okay, I got Mastodon to stop making noise when I got a notification. Hooray! Let's toot!

Trying this again on my phone not using tootdon. *Is confused*

Let's see if I can remember this login. I think I have two other Mastodon accounts lost to the world.