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...and here's the last match of the quarterfinals in the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships!

Haskell has escaped elimination with two narrow wins over C# and Assembly. Will its journey end here or will it also prevail against Python?

not gonna lie i want one of those flat earth things with the dome on it that shows all the constellations

decided to get back into dwarf fortress, i hope i win this time

To the tune of "where is my mind"

where are my keys
where are my keys
where areee my keys

goldeneye is still good because it is the only fps to have invincibility on hit. making the game more accessible and increasing the skill ceiling at the same time. it is the true way to deal with hit scan and more games need it

the whole channel is good and i have subrib to his patron

Its a cities:skyline LP but also a history lesson from a leftist perspective and cool

my parents’ dog just owned me by climbing up into my lap, getting all cuddly with me to make me let my guard down, then when I was least expecting it, raunchily burped right underneath my nose

making progress on my analysis of the dark souls speedun

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