@whjms Thanks for the follow. Feel free to try out your Dutch on me (or not, that's fine, too). Groeten uit Nederland! 😃

Pic of the day: Atomium. Brussels, Belgium. Minolta AF-C and Ilford Pan F+ 50 film.

Pic of the day: Snowdonia, Wales. Snapsights underwater camera and Agfa Vista 200 film.

Pic of the day: Double exposure with different coloured filters. Diana F+ and CN 400 film.

Pic of the day: Snapsights Underwater Camera and Lady Grey 400 film, developed in beer.

Pic of the day: cameraless photography: plants dipped in fixer and put directly on photo paper.

Pic of the day: made with homemade anamorphic camera and Lomography CN 400 film.

Pic of the day: picture with homemade camera made from a walnut and CN 400 film.

Pic of the day: , print made by the sun with a homemade emulsion from common mallow (Malva sylvestris).

Pic of the day: Amsterdam solargraph: camera made from a hollowed out book, exposure time about 3 weeks.

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