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For my international friends: here you can see an Italian government official literally saying on national television that climate change is Satan's work.

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@lynnesbian i can't believe they banned porn from linkedin. what do they think was driving traffic to their site?

My players have also expressed interest in doing a 5E campaign, which I am hesitant about.

On one hand, the ruleset is way more complicated. On the other, there is TON of online resources for that would make my life easier.

I am still mastering and enjoying , but I realize that if I want to roleplay more (especially in real life), learning is pretty much mandatory.

At a certain point, I will learn to play . Such is fate.

@Anandamide Hi! I didn't know you were on Mastodon, too (I have been following you on Twitter for a long time). Welcome, I guess!

Why don't I have a GIF for my reaction when the gay porn starts flooding my timeline.

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Ease yourself into the world of intermittent fasting by waking up too late for breakfast.

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now we’ve demonstrated that anarcho-socialism is the best development method for winning awards with Dead Cells, Marx has nothing left to prove

«Tools and jobs from a time long gone».

'Their ideas had no place here': how Crete kicked out Golden Dawn -

And now, for the freshest videogame talkes: Baldur's Gate 2 is awesome. Much more lively and interesting than the first chapter (and than Dragonspear, which was excessively linear).

Switching from happy procrastination to sad procrastination.

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