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«You are not very good at making yourself happy, are you»

I have a new profile picture now.

Breaking news: my laptop is now unfathomable.

(This is from the The Verge's review of the latest Dell XPS 13)

Can I put "depressed" in my Grindr bio? Or maybe "just here for validation".

Boy, do I look distinguished with a glass of wine.

(It is worth mentioning that this is my first time mastering ANYTHING, so any fault is more about my lack of competence than the game itself)

(Which is really cool, btw)

My activity as a game master for is going well, but I believe I could make the combat more exciting.

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my roommate: "if you have a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room, you can transmit water wirelessly"

Watching tv coverage of the Italian elections with an increasing sense of dread.

I am really feeling the cold this winter. Is it because I have lost weight? I choose to believe so.

Pretty much anything on this list sounds incredible.

I believe the only hashtag that can sum up this last month is .

Being a game master has taken over my life. Send help.

Pirating apps on the latest generation iPhone is peak first-world lameness.

A couple days ago I mastered my first proper RPG session. It went well and I am super pumped about the next one.

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