I am finally catching up on this Torvalds/CoC stuff. Wow.


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just remember, even on your worst day, you're better than the person your youtube recommendations think you are

There was a time where I was able to acquire information without listening to podcasts, that is truly incredible.

Things are going pretty well, yet I feel this melancholy weighing on me like a lead jacket.

I wish I could draw. Maybe I should learn.

Now that is how you open an article.

Friendly reminder that the Android feature that you may think erases all data from the phone does not, actually, erase all data from the phone.

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yesterday I procrastinated doing stuff on my todo list by creating a rainmeter skin to display my todo list on my desktop

Netflix supports picture-in-picture on Android!? Do they not want me to do a single thing at the time for the rest of my life?

I hate the parts in Baldur's Gate in which you enter a new map, and are immediately attacked while your group is in a formation that does not make sense.

One time I read that the Infinity engine is the worst thing that could happen to good games, and I really felt that.

I was planning to go out and see the city today but guess what, heavy rain.

I can't find a todotxt widget for . I refuse to believe there isn't any.

Yesterday we had a great session and I am happy to say that my players are back on their bullshit.

My favorite part about getting a new device is customizing it to the point that it becomes literally unusable by anyone except me.

We haven't had an session in almost two months.

What my players do not know is that in the meantime I have been working on my Encounter Spreadsheet of Doom.

The internet has poisoned me, and now I can't read the work 'chuckle' without expecting a defiant questtion about the Chaos Emeralds.

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