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programmers on my home timeline: ah yes well i hacked the bios and divided pi by the square root of the big funny calculus symbol and now im able to decode strings into a high tech cryptologlggygjgn stack development git

me: ahh yes. the computer. i know it.

Tonight I will be mastering and I will not be drinking. RIP my players.

It is very important for the game master not to engage in player shaming.

The worst thing about staying at my relatives' is that there is no place where I can go for a walk.

I mean, I know we are literally in the countryside, but I want to complain.

Wirecutter: no chill edition.

Installing Ubuntu 18.04 on the old desktop.

I sometimes feel like I have spent most of my life on a train. When I try to enter a calm headspace, a silent train ride is what I picture.

Time to elaborate a new strategy.

I have just found out, I may have to live my current house sooner than expected. Time for the life-changing magic of moving the fuck out.

I have also discovered a life-changing passion for broccoli and zucchini.

Just visited Epicurious after a long time and I just want to cook all the things.

(The internet has been really good for my diet, weirdly)

I need to change my avatar here.

There is an institutional crisis in Italy AND I am feeling very lonely, so there is that too.

Failed hookups at least get you to clean the house.

A great thing about the Ireland referendum success is angry bigots memes.

According to Lenovo, my new laptop will arrive in A MONTH.

Sunday morning, drinking coffee and typing the campaign recap for my players.

Thinking about becoming an actual sorcerer.

The theme looks great.