Hot take: the movie is about the growing anxiety that whatever you love is going to be acquired by Disney.

I can't stand talking to myself online anymore.

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lmao apparently they sold Tumblr to the guys that own Wordpress for $3 million, when it was originally sold to Yahoo for $1 billion

$997 million. That's how much all those porn blogs they banned were worth

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All of you people make using the World Wide Web worth wandering while weathering these odd times.

Twenty years waiting for someone to ask me what is wrong, but twice, because I'm NOT going to answer the first time, because I am NOT thirsty for attention.

I desperately need some queer commentary on the Dragon Prince.

I am cleaning up my scientific paper collection and it's a lot.

It's either going to the gay club alone or renting an Airbnb to watch Netflix.

Watching the Dragon Prince for the gay subtext.

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what if we kissed 

Wow, David Harbour is going to be Black Widow.

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Your next chance to make out with a super hot person could be your last chance to make out with a super hot person. Don't fucking blow it #dirtTour

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One problem i have as a chef is spies fleeing through my kitchen, throwing hot pans everywhere. It's far too confined a space for that kind of activity.

I... I may need to find some people to talk about this stuff in real life.

I'm immersing myself into the birdsite discourse and there a lot of bad takes. And some that I find problematic, in the most ambivalent meaning of the term.

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