NSFW Male Lucario porn (Commission) 

A friend commissioned me to draw his Lucario White Mage and I was like 'Yeah sure, what you want them doing?'

The response is rather obvious. when you look at what I drew. I'd like to thank them once again for commissioning me... and telling me I could let you all enjoy what I've made!

Its a WIP, but there's a butt on it.. Also. I still demand more Nu Mou 

I did not receive the Nu Mous. I see now that I must make more to achieve the proper balance... and I shall do via the interpretive art of CONCERNED LOOKING DAKIMAKURAS.

Talking about NSFW Art 

Been drawing a lot of lewd today. Probably gonna draw Lewd Nu Mous.

Boobs, also. More Nu Mou 

I couldn't help myself. I just have to draw boobs on things.
I still demand more Nu Mous.

folks. i think the humble nu mou would be a good fursona. here is a picture of one i found

Today and Tomorrow are my Final Exam days. Cryptography and Discrete Math. The second of those being the harder of the two.Wish me luck.

I guess I too shall welcome everyone from tumblr. Its nice to have you here.

Jogging day 3, I've been keeping up with it rather valiantly. I have been able to jog a foot and a half more then I was the day before. Progress!

I just realized, ANY federated tumblr like blogging platform that comes out now and says "We're just like Tumblr, but we totally allow porn" will probably have everyone jump ship to it. which while seeming like a bad idea. Actually probably isn't. Not only will it get people jumping on board your platform and once all of those people show up, the SFW people will come over as well.

Giving a try. Been using Paint Tools Sai for basically all my digital art life and I wanted to try branching out more into animation and such. First and foremost though, I need to get used to using the program and...

Krita feels weird, It feels like I'm learning how to do digital art all over again. Krita's stabilization feels weird and the brush doesn't work like I want it to just yet. However, given time I think I can nail this down.

So. This is a character of mine in yet another tabletop game I'm in. Technically, its a lewd game, but well, hey. She's one hell of a Swordswoman. You wouldn't even believe.


No Fap November has come and gone. Once my, my lack of libido affords me power over myself that others could only dream to obtain.

I didn't even do this challenge on purpose. I just was busy with school work and didn't think about it until I was already half way through the month and decided 'May as well finish up.'

I'mma be doin' some art on stream later today I think.

Well. I found my reason to start drinking today. How's about you Mastodon?

I'm unsure if this makes me a bad person but I DO find it hilarious.

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So. As some - lets be honest here, as none of you know. The flaaffy character I use to represent myself is a Ninja.

I, however, am also broke, so I don't go to any cons or stuff like MFF. Though many of my friends do; Not all of them no each other.

I have taken to having a different friend of mine every year show up and say to an artist I know, Trout "The Strider sends his regards" before leaving. Just to screw with him and make it seem like I really have some kind of Ninja network going on.

You know, part of me is happy I spent like, a year getting commissioned to draw people's OC Ref sheets. I have to do my own and I already have a really quick work flow for it.

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