Today I learned, that the remote server software can easily be installed on .
So naturally I created an Arch Linux package for it.
Its very small, since its just a couple of scripts.

Appearently I have some pixbuf2 errors when I tryto run GTK apps on my QT desktop on .
Anyone know what might be wrong?
It's all up to date.

I just had to push out a bug fix release of manjaro-arm-tools.
The deployarmpkg script was no longer able to add packages to the database on the server.
Had to disable that feature to not get errors along the way.
Hopefully I can add it back in later when sig figure out how. Until then, the server will add packages to the database once or day.

Just finished my work for today on `manjaro-arm-tools`. First release!


Also created one for Manjaro ARM at:

It already has 2 patrons!


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