Final testing is now going on for the first image of for the .

Are you excited to try it out?

Just updated the installer script. It had some bugs that needed to be fixed.

Tagged it as a 0.1.3 release of the script.

Building new images for the .
Includes some performance fixes!

The observant will have noticed that the images for 19.02 was uploaded around 10 hours ago.

But here is the official announcement!

Manjaro ARM 19.02 has been released, with images for and .

This release sports the new OEM type setup, 0.14 and 5.15.

Doing some final testing of 0.14 and 5.15 before releasing 19.02.
Building images for:

And the this time.

Watch out for a release announcement in the next couple of days!

After hearing about it on @DestinationLinux I decided to try out for .
So support us on Ko-Fi too!

Because of user demand, I have extraordinarily uploaded an updated rpi2 minimal image of .
The image is based, uses the raspberry pi specific kernel and has all the new package goodies.


Got working on the board from . Expect an image with the next release. 😎

Not much luck with the yet though...

I just recieved my from

Now to see what I need to get working on it...

I just version 0.1.1 of the installer.
This script lets you install an up to date Manjaro ARM directly to your SD card!

My plans for #2019:
Use Facebook less and eventually delete the account.
Start exercising again.
Eat a bit healthier.
regarding my electronic needs.
Get in a stable working state.
Cut down the use of Google services.
Grow a full face beard...

Anyone here using ?
Its an open source alternative to and .

Ive set it up a couple of times now and I love it!

PS: seems to run fine on ...

Today I just released the first ever kernel update for the on .
Version 4.20 should be syncing to mirrors over the next few hours...

Time for another teaser.

I have been working on a way to install directly on an SD/eMMC card with a form of netinstaller.

And I am proud to say that its getting there.

The goal is to have a script that installs current packages, directly to the card, from ANY Linux distro!

I have tried to keep the dependencies to basic unix software.

So far, tests are going great!

might become an official edition for .
The maintainer of the Manjaro i3 edition had agreed to maintain it. :blobaww:

Released Manjaro ARM 18.12.1 yesterday, as a quick fix for the faulty 18.12 images.

So now they should resize the filesystem on first boot again!

Interested in trying out the new experimental build for the ?
Send me a DM and I will give you a link for the image!

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