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Happy birthday Jesus Christ the only white guy from the Middle East

christmas is when gentiles get together once a year to shout at each other

Most straight men would never suck another man’s dick, but if their penis was long enough they’d totally suck their own. #ShowerThoughts

Rabbit season!
Duck season!
One US Hunter Shot at By Another Who Thought He Looked ‘Like Bigfoot': sputniknews.com/society/201812

fuck i just impulse bought the most incredibly shirt im screaming

I’d been putting off getting in touch with someone because I felt super bad about losing touch with them in the first place, but I buckled down last week and emailed them. They just emailed me back and said it took them so long to reply because they felt horrible about losing touch with me, and they’d gotten caught up in a loop of that, and that they were really glad I’d reached out. Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to take that first step

you might think that it's impossible for bernie sanders to win the 2020 election. however, if we use a technique known as scuttlebug raising,

If the world were to spontaneously end, half the world would be asleep for it. #ShowerThoughts

nobody ever wrote a song called Fuck The Fire Department

Honestly I've kind of run out of energy for keeping up with facebook scandals. But people's reactions seem more angry this time, I guess it's something bad


Tumblr might have gone down in flames but at least it didn't get condemned by Amnesty International. Gee whiz.

Did Jack Dorsey go to Myanmar for the sole purpose of giving aid and helping The Rohingya people?  NO!
Did Jack Dorsey go to Myanmar for the sole purpose of giving his ego a boost?  YES!

With great power comes great responsibility. And I've seen fuck all of the latter. He really doesn't get it.

@flugennock I used to proudly call myself a Democrat, but the past few years I've realized that both parties simply are owned by the Capitalists that control this violent and oppressive oligarchy called the U.S.

I forgot about this picture I took while living in Salt Lake City. The Mormons are evil.

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