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sad news about an extremely lovable woman, director, and actress 

@flugennock I used to proudly call myself a Democrat, but the past few years I've realized that both parties simply are owned by the Capitalists that control this violent and oppressive oligarchy called the U.S.

I forgot about this picture I took while living in Salt Lake City. The Mormons are evil.

People born in the year 1999 have better chances of being alive in three different centuries then any other group of humans in history. #ShowerThoughts

More Skylab; I stirred and mixed and tested and experimented and failed and tried again and again and again until I eventually had a match for the turquoise paint around these bonus lamps. Check out the 18,000 lamp hole, compared to yesterday. I'm enjoying the process. :)

boost to punch a cop
fav to punch a nazi

no one will know which is which!

Too controversial, honestly this logically makes tons of sense for to me.

do kids these days really just say "send nudes" and get them

back in my day, you were lucky to find a rock formation resembling a nude out in the woods

People that think basic income is an extreme left-wing idea crack me up. Did you get your polisci degree from a crackerjack box

Perhaps many people hate holiday music because it ignores the fact that the season is often busy, stressful, and depressing. #ShowerThoughts

The Grim Reaper isn't a bad guy at all. it's not like he killed us, he is just accompanying us when we are at our loneliest, which makes him a really, really nice guy. #ShowerThoughts

I'm pretty sure this is what people with depression kin with

is no longer Tumblr but , and they've had this purge of the platform planned for quite awhile:

The people who run and manage Verizon are quite competent enough to know what they're doing, they're just scum. And they always have been, it's how they do business.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism.

actual nsfw 

Elon Musk is the finest manufacturer of luxury car bombs.

Christmas trees in the 50's/60's we're literally a swirling spiderweb hurricane of tinsel and I'm very into it.

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