BJP says it doesn’t have required numbers in Maharashtra (with ongoing tensions with Sena) now other parties might get a chance to form coalition and prove majority, otherwise President’s rule. I either case, Maharashtra has slipped from BJP’s hands

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@Stuti शिवसेना को खरीदेगे तब वो इंहे ही मिटा देगे😂😂इसी डर से माननीय खरीद नही पा रहे😂नही तो सरकार कल बन जाती

Maharashtra has learnt it's lesson. And I hope and believe that Maharashtra has slipped from their hands for a long time to come.

@Stuti Yes it has for sure.Sena plus NCP with congress support from outside will form the government very soon.Sena has to come out of NDA and their BMC partnership will also be at stake.

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