CV Sajjanhar who is CP Cyberabad and confirmed the ‘encounter’ of 4 accused in Hyderabad has done it before too. Proves how we love illegal ways.

Your own taxpaying money used to declare you a non citizen - masterstroke

@Meltdown00 Same. I am trying to get out of Twitter and Instagram

Mastodon is like Vape. You think you are going to quit smoking (Twitter) and try to substitute it and end up doing both everyday.

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Trolls get active users and more ad views.

Why Jack will not control hate speech on Birdsite.

I have never seen desi twitter get 10k, 20k RTs, all those actually ‘viral’ tweets you see are from west and not that they have a bigger population or more twitter users. Anybody knows why?

Everytime a country that is accused of violating human rights is asked questions their first sentence is how some other community also sometime in the past was treated unfairly. This is not a defense but actually a confirmation that the country is violating human rights *NOW*.

I don't know why Govt of India keeps sending people to talk about Kashmir pandits because that is totally irrelevant to what is happening now and is actually a confirmation of allegations against India.

Here are some features Twitter DID NOT have when it began in 2006.

- Search
- Mentions
- Replies
- Retweets
- Lists
- Permalinks for tweets
- An algorithm

All of these features came when users demanded them.

The search function was actually built by folks who didn't work at Twitter. It was a service called Summize that eventually got acquired by Twitter and integrated into the service.

Retweets started when users began sharing other people's tweets by adding an "RT" before the text.

If you are in Delhi, don't miss Jashn-e-Rekhta. It is what India is. Diverse. Music, Poetry, Art, Heritage, Insights, Unlearning and much more just in one place. This is one festival in the country that truly represents the cultural ethos of this beautiful country. Do spread a word and let people know about it.

@ranasafvi @sanjayuvacha @DilliDurAst @nilanjanaroy @Varungrover @KarwaneMohabbat @natashabadhwar @Stuti

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The 6th edition of Jashn-e-Rekhta will be held at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi on December 13–15, 2019 (Fri-Sun).

The festival has been graced by doyens of Hindustani poetry and literature and also by people of eminence from the film, music and television industry. Owing to its uniqueness, Jashn-e-Rekhta has emerged to become the largest celebration for a language anywhere in the world.

Register at:

If telecos like Vodafone-Idea, Airtel die, the biggest losers would be consumers.

Most people didn’t believe Shiv Sena would actually move out of NDA & called it a drama. I don’t know how soon Maharashtra is going to get a govt, but if Sena+NCP+Congress is supposed to happen it can happen after the President’s rule too.

@Memeghnad 🤨 I have no emojis other than my default emoji keypad

Sometimes we just want people who can challenge the most powerful. Doesn’t matter how much in agreement you are with them.

@jnukiladki nothing, it’s like status symbol. Big decisions are taken by the top brass anyway

@jnukiladki koi nahi, or bhi crush ayenge. 5 saal baad hi sahi

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