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(toot 1 of 2.. a 2toot??) My cute old Ladies comic 'Just Like the First Time'

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I'll put my motivational advice pups here because they provide such deep truths

Watching dragrace is like repeatedly cooking your head in a giant gay capitalist microwave. Can't wait for AS4.

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Good MORNING my friends and buddies its time for me to drink coffee and eject myself into the sun

The doggo made friends with a muzzled rescue dog today who hadn't had anyone to play with for a month, I was so proud of him 😭

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The sleepiest trash panda, drawn from life. 💤

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promoting a print comic that people other than just me invested time and money into is pretty nerve wracking! who knew

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I tend to only post finished work to social media, but I've got lots of process images up on my patreon:

This is a character turnaround I did to get used to the face shape and make drawing repeated faces a lot easier! ^_^ I do the same or similar for any character that will get repeat panels.

Masto please advise, what is the best platform for somber animal spells and death chants?

Lately all I want to do in my spare time is write/illustrate vaguely depressing folk lore and spells for an imaginery seal colony but.. it doesn't really fit with my other work at all 😓

Doing traditional inking again after long neglect.. oh sweet humble pie

Everyone is very into venom but I just can't sexualise tom hardy.. he's in the dad category of my brain for some reason.

Well yesterday I was shouting so loudly at a spider in my shower the dog started howling and I had to get out to reassure him I wasn't being murdered. How's your week going?

Apparition from your darkest night terrors with a PSA

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