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(toot 1 of 2.. a 2toot??) My cute old Ladies comic 'Just Like the First Time'

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I'll put my motivational advice pups here because they provide such deep truths

Doing traditional inking again after long neglect.. oh sweet humble pie

Everyone is very into venom but I just can't sexualise tom hardy.. he's in the dad category of my brain for some reason.

Well yesterday I was shouting so loudly at a spider in my shower the dog started howling and I had to get out to reassure him I wasn't being murdered. How's your week going?

Apparition from your darkest night terrors with a PSA

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I know Capitalism is evil or w/e but I just want to be rich enough to hire cool artists to draw my long form comic story concepts for me ok

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in the branches, in the soil 🍂

(characters from my Heartwood Anthology comic)

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #fantasy

Someone commented on the shipwrecked sailor in my most recent comic 'I'm just going to drown as sexily as possible' and I feel very exposed

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Why I am I repulsed by the thought of bugs but not tigers? Finding even one tiger in the bathroom would be fatal yet I waste time worrying about spiders

Another friendly demon wants to chat 💜

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