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(toot 1 of 2.. a 2toot??) My cute old Ladies comic 'Just Like the First Time'

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I'll put my motivational advice pups here because they provide such deep truths

A Gai Pup to balance some of my radical pro Iruka agenda (he is pretty cute as a woof 😳)

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Blue Planet: Look at all these fish!!
Blue Planet behind the scenes: Where the fuck are all these fish?!!

Smol fangrrl running over to tell you how cool you are

Its nice to see extended family, and its also nice when its oovverr ~

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Otters never, ever crop kindly, nope. Gotta put this on paper and finish it up over the next week.

Look I'm not saying I looked up some old naruto AMVs this evening but - *EVERYTIME WE TOUCH blaring in background*

Downside of puppysitting : forgetting you have spare poo bags stashed up your sleeves + in EVERY POCKET when you do the weekend clothes wash

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It's really fun posting here with a blank slate! ^_^ I can share art that feels old elsewhere - these are from a short silent comic called Signal that I did years ago and I'm still really fond of.

Guy from trainspotting is very distracting everytime he makes his =O face

I'm watching WW and tearing up alot lool Diana is all our trembling faith in humanity (also I'm a baby)

Comic 🐰❤ (Toot 3 of 3) 'Final trick of the evening'

Comic 🐰❤ (Toot 2 of 3) 'Final trick of the evening'

Comic 🐰❤ (Toot 1 of 3) 'Final trick of the evening'

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Boxerdog in a room full of people all talking loudly: 'am I happy or do I want to die???'

Wa I'm the only sober one at a family gathering WHY HAVE I DONE THIS THINGG