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(toot 1 of 2.. a 2toot??) My cute old Ladies comic 'Just Like the First Time'

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I'll put my motivational advice pups here because they provide such deep truths

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hello I promised to wait and take my mum to see starwars at the weekend and now I can't use the internet

She Ra reboot!! my initial response is I loved that show.. but actually I remember nothing about it ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Was just watching Brian May compliament rescued hedgehogs on tv.. confusing yet wholesome.

Omg I think my mum is trolling with her christmas presents, she's ordered our most standoffish right wing relatives cushions with me and my sisters faces on ๐Ÿ‘โค

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Important update: the patron who made the original request for CapMouse turned out to be a Stucky fan and I am so pleased with myself for following my truth

Remember, if you find you can't enjoy JK Rowling / HP the way you used to - Diana Wynne Jones was doing it better from the start.~ (and I say that as a HP nerd)

oops had to repost, cw didnt work for some reason on that thread

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Me and My Thoughts, living happily together~

I am that grump who wants a Strictly contestant in the dance off to be like 'meh I'm not that bothered honestly, its just telly'

Patron requested a Captain America Mouse โค Stucky Feels Awaken

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When I'm struggling with a drawing, I sometimes take a break to tamper with wildlife photos

Charles Dance coming in here administering slaps like "just make it gay you cowaaards!"

This Victor Frankenstein is like pure yaoi bait, pale boys looking meaningfully at each other every 5 mins + one lady around for plausible deniability. I am insulted, but also daniel radcliffs floppy hair is adorable.