OK something is DEFINITELY not working with m.s - I just got a DM sent nearly an hour ago and I can't see toots even directly on timelines that people posted minutes ago that I *can* see on y.l

Being left behind by friends...sucks

I feel like a broken toy
Discarded at the first opportunity

Literally the only issue with mastodon is the lack of people whom followed me from birdsite.

I'd move here 100% if I had the same kind of support net

cw: birdsite, pedo stuff 

Twitter is just

soaked with pedophiles...and so many people ready to defend their disgusting asses...

according to the rich

poor folks like me aren't allowed to have hopes, nor dreams

living on the edge of homelessness is painful

it's hard to be happy for others when they get a big purchase
or even talk about buying even small things, when you're wondering if you'll even have a home soon

low-energy, birdsite, maybe-drama? 

*tweets on birdsite about needing help with rent and asks for retweets*


*retweets someone else's post at request of someone else*

*Swarms of retweets*

guess I'll go die then

I wish I looked good...or was physically able to do things at least... xwx

why can I not be in control of my sleep schedule any more? ;w;

I have a DnD session at 9pm and it lasts through midnight and I kinda just want to go die for the rest of the day..

@starseeker wondering why my body wants me awake right now.

Also, I wish the mod community would come back to the force it had back in beta :<

Birdsite, vauge - 

@starseeker Account limited (Followers only for 12 hrs) for telling homophobes to fuck off .^.

pleeeeease stop referring to hypothetical software developers as "he" by default. if you quickly add "or she" afterwards you're still on my shitlist. we have a perfectly serviceable generic singular pronoun, "they" - use it

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