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Reminder that you can block words on Mastodon like you can on Twitter! In Tusky, you can do this under Account Preferences. Please share how to for other clients/browser if you can (I don't have computer access to share how to do in browser!)

acab, food mention 

we live in a society

q. why does windows do [bizarre action]
a. for compatibility. to answer in more detail, we'll need to discuss a flaw in
:brain1: earlier versions of windows NT
:brain2: pre-NT windows versions
:brain3: MS-DOS before networking support had been added
:brain4: CP/M
:brain5: the discovery of electricity

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Dating app that requires a reading comprehension test during registration, thereby preventing all cis-het men from creating a profile.

If forgiving student debts is unfair to those who already paid it, we should give everyone who's ever had student debts an extra 10000 dollars taken directly from the pockets of the richest people in the country.

I kinda feel like the world of Clone Wars is a lot more interesting than the original trilogy or the sequels

Im also open for one SL mod, includes me helping set you up. Quote based, starting at $60 And going up based on complexity and parts used. Hmu if interested.

So, an "infant life vest" is a safety device meant to keep small, young humans afloat, and not--as I had assumed--a water-floatation garment consisting of several live, squirming babies taped together to harness their natural buoyancy.


From the brilliant minds that brought us all SWORD LESBIANS, comes SCIENCE LESBIANS

capitalist brainwashing 

And all of it is bullcrap, but one thing I have to admit.

As long as I don't know a person, I assume their motives are greed.

Especially if it is about getting into a position of power, I assume it is greed. Why?

People are so brainwashed by now, that they don't think of anything else and that going into positions of power, because of greed, is normal. Especially privileged people who didn't get their bubble popped and can afford not to

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capitalist brainwashing 

I think the thing that capitalism did best, is brainwashing people

Making people believe that corporations are the benevolent entities that only want your best

That you literally can't have anything without them

That all your favorite stuff would just vanish if you abolish them

That the state is evil. Caring for others is bad and greed is good. That there is literally no good in the world and just people who haven't exploited you yet and you have to become the exploiter

Reality about capitalism 

The reality?

We don't need corporations at all.

The fediverse is a good example that many small entities are much better than one large one.

If we have many small producers, that is much better than one large one. Fuck even capitalism says that XD

With corps gone, everyone can produce and you get an explosion in products and new tech.

Without them things become a lot better, because they are made for one thing: grabbing money

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Birdsite is being force-muted for not defending pedophilia.

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