It's not the best video, but I felt really cute after the shower and wanted to show you guys my other assets😻 :blobcat: I thought my birthday would be the best day to post this video🎂 Hope you like it!!!❣️

's my birthday!!!!

Just came out of the shower💚 and took a pic and also a video. Since my birthday is this Monday on the 25th I think I might post the video then. Let me know if you guys would want to see the video where I show a little more🐱 than usual😘

Sometimes I feel like my nipples look like little buttons😀 what do you think?

Some of you have sent me videos of yourselves masturbating ❣️ I absolutely loved them. If others want to send me videos to my email its 😍

Getting everything ready for new years party. 🎉 cleaning and setting up while topless 😘

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