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I am here to tell you: hold onto that future, no matter how much outrage it causes you. No matter how many times you think, "maybe I'm the stupid one for hoping." KEEP HOPING. This is how Freedom begins. By believing it is out there, waiting for you, that there is a land and time promised to you.

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i am calmer now. i am gonna watch a lot of george carlin later, because he is right. "power does what it wants." if you want something, you gotta seize the power.

I am so sad Bernie dropped out, he shouldn't have. I am just going to sit back and enjoy Trump and GOP destroy Biden.

I feel myself running out of steam for all the pandemic projects on my plate currently. I have been non-stop prepping my garden, starting seedlings and cloning mushrooms, making tempeh, sewing masks, making hand sanitizer and soap and diy electronics projects to control uvc lights as well as helping a couple friends organize rent strikes. There is so much to do and I need a couple days off. I do hope this will be the crisis that necessitates social change, but I’m tired and need rest now.

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Many I know, are teaching classes online over the video, for free for their students. It is up to people to offer to pay forward for their services. So yes it is kind of taking off. Maybe the trend of everyone turning to technology is how it is suppose to be!

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I just started tomatoes, peppers and squash. I have a little patch of wine berries and I have been working on growing king stropharia mushrooms and chicken of the woods mushrooms. I’ll probably plant some corn, it usually gets corn smut for some reason, but I heard that is a delicacy in Mexico, I believe they call it huetlacoche. So I’ll just embrace it.

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Curufuin, What are you growing? Yes, I would like to see a picture of your garden 😊 Glad to know you are well and healthy! Stay safe everyone! ❤

Here are some cute dog grooming videos to hopefully make self isolation a little bearable🐕🐶

Watch "Thank you very much. / pet dog Bichon Frise first grooming." on YouTube youtu.be/CUpeuYoS0d4

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Checking in how is everyone doing? Hope you guys are fine and taking care of yourself. Do you guys have enough supplies?

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Martial law is coming here all over the US soon [it is there in one of the suburbs in NY]. Over in Italy, they are hunkered down in their homes for months and only one person from each household can go out to get essentials. The military checks who is going where and they have to fill forms with reasons to get out of their homes. Infected people continued to move around & the numbers spiked. Afraid of idiots more than the Virus.

@MMrsHegde @Suniya @curufuin @Shufei @BernieOrVest @EagleEyes ours gave students the choice. i have two employees i strongly urged to stay home. they are dating, and one has an infant in the home.

Why are right wing leaders such idiots. I hope Boris Johnson is going to wise up & quit this Herd Immunity bullshit strategy.


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Suniya, saw lot of homework in my child's folder. They left it to us so I am the teacher 😑 for next to 2 weeks. No remote teaching, just reading books online and answer comprehensive questions. Art, math and writing due in 2 weeks. Teachers will be available over emails for half a day. Maybe older students have online classes. My kid is only in Kindergarten but the lessons in Math and reading are at level of a 2nd grader.

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