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Are humans naturally monogamous? If not how did it became the norm?

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"The Politics of Shiny Objects": how the Savarkar controversy is a perfect example of the powers-that-be dangling a shiny object before the media to distract it from the real issues, eg 15 deaths in J&K, Chinese aggression. Superb piece by @prempanicker@twitter.com: prempanicker.in/on-savarkar-an

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Headline: Consumer confidence at 10 qtr high. Only if someone reads the story they will know that the last 9 qrts, the sentiment was abysmal and it has recovered marginally...people just expect to do less badly

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ki Dukan Bandh karvayega kya?

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With time I have realised that what is meant for you will come to you, and what is not meant for you, will never come to you. Qadr is real. There is no point in regretting over what could have been, or worrying over what will be.

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Ahmedabad,Surat becoming bogus GST billing hubs: Govt indianexpress.com/article/citi GST was boon to scamwallahs after Demonetization. Just Google "Gujarat GST Scam"&see the results.

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More disturbing news coming in from Kashmir.Another attack on non-local labourers being reported from south kashmir.

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Good to see @BJP4Karnataka@twitter.com copying !
For years they made you beg and stole rations in your name using 69 lakh bogus ration cards !
@ArvindKejriwal@twitter.com is the new benchmark/standard for pro-people governance in our country !
Imitation is the best form of flattery !

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Cats have a different level of respect in nature.

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Every killing in Kashmir proves the incompetence of the Central Rule there. The failure of the Union Government.

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We are a country of dead people. Nowhere else would people have tolerated the daily and unjustified rise in petrol, diesel and lpg prices. If the govt collected Rs 75,000 cr in taxes in 2014, it is today collecting 3.50 lakh cr. Isn't it daylight robbery?

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Can you hear the joy in her voice? ❤️

@ReallySwara@twitter.com celebrates the birth of her niece by singing a Sohar, a traditional song of joy celebrating the birth of a child in the Awadh and Purvanchal regions.

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n inadequate, lrgly apathetic Vet Dept, here BritRaj dog-catching n sterilization

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@sharmaleena@twitter.com Bas 50 % hi jinda aate hai ya bachate hai..all infected, surgery by staff, no anesthesia expert..no fit to release protocol followed. 50 % released in different area...bmc cathers can hardly catch healthy dogs,they catch weak or puppies. Kaise 100% bachenge.

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Samyukta Kisan Morcha demands be removed as a minister and arrested immediately. Country-wide Rail Roko on October 18 to press for the demand. Protests will only be intensified until justice is secured in massacre: Samyukta Kisan Morcha

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, and so many other , to

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For three decades, Swamy stood firm like a Sarjom tree to protect the constitutional rights of tribals, farmers, Dalits, and the marginalised communities of Jharkhand.

Dayamani Barla writes: bit.ly/2YdRvJi

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Has @MrsGandhi@twitter.com kept its promise, and given up her American citizenship for ? or was it just another style ?

Bhagwan Desi Americans ko bachayea radicalization se, Thathastu 🙏

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30th petrol price hike in just 2 months !!! BJP ki "Jai Ho" !!!!!!

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Thank you Modiji for providing us Gas Cylinder and including the gas price in GST with subsidy🤣
We can now cook ergonomically

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