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It's a well-established fact that if you get some internet validation points you can finally buy the love and admiration of your parents, totally happens... totally. And yeah I'm just jealous because I don't have any.

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The idea of tooting is so impure. So many definitions. Suited to each individual's deepest yearnings. If I toot like you want me to, only then do you like my toots. How sickening. Hence toots are adulterated. But subtoots! subtoots are pure since no one plays around with them. When they toot sth that you love, you tend to take them lightly at times. But when someone confesses they truly hate you through their subtoots, you know they want you dead.

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Second rule of the mastodon club- always kiss your mutuals gudnite

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First rule of the mastodon club- Don't try to act popular

You ever look at someone's toots and think yes you're gonna break my heart next

how did cavemen cope with things like.., hormonal acne?

tooting from the village computer while doing cave art and teaching my grandchildren how to hunt animals by chasing them to exhaustion

Everything you want to say, some one else has already said.

Instead of going to bed I am sitting outside in freezing cold weather like a maniac n imagining if I ever I got famous or sth I am going to have to delete all my garbage social media accounts

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