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sudo whoami

KCD: Complete a questline. Realize you need to sleep so you can actually activate the next step of the questline.

No bed in Rattay castle.

Walk back to the miller's, where the nearest bed is.


I'm afraid what'll happen in KCD if i leave the ring stealing quest for later, as i am not a sneaky beaky guy

Right, i guess next i'll focus fully on KCD. Especially after hopefully the new PS4 firmware fixes the current weird state bug

I wonder what i should do after finishing Crossing souls

man this game isn't as lighthearted as i oddly expected it to be

This game is like a masterclass of 80s spielberg movies (Crossing Souls)

I mean i'm surprised how much i like Crossing Souls. It feels like playing something that's a mix of The Goonies and E.T. and Poltergeist

I mean, it's the first game of 2018 that i genuinely enjoy playing!

Crossing SOuls is actually a really good game???

I just realized that Peter Gabriel's Steam introduced me to CGI animation before Toy Story:

siberian cats meow to hard bass

a diesel train shouldn't be this oiled. GOOD THING I HAVE KVASS

i'm afraid of the day the chinese people and japanese people discover HARD BASS