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Extracting SSH Private Keys from Windows 10 ssh-agent | Sooo better not install it just yet...

I'm so goth i poop existentialism and pee despair

i'm re-playing Mad Max at a slower pace. And this time it's pretty good

it's so hot in Lahti that i'm already sunburnt

Inside the 76477 Space Invaders sound effect chip: digital logic implemented with I2L

neat, finnish prime video has all the indiana jones movies

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seems like a good day to fabricate a custom serial cable since there's no combination of adapters that will overcome the bizarre pinout of the Kaypro's serial port

but first, moar :cofepats:

thought: could Pie menus be super useful on touch based interfaces?

like if you press and hold you'll get a pie menu with things above your thumb

@CaptainKateCapsize thanks again for mentioning Danger and Eggs! I really reallyenjoyed the whole thing!

for some reason Good Burger is on finnish prime video

just finished watching Danger and Eggs and i'm hoping it'll get a 2nd season

did i mention i love Prime Video's x-ray feature?

oh cool Danger and eggs even got a transwoman to voice a trans character. nice.

um, would anyone have a chart of the various flags used by the LGBTQAI+ community? (Followed by what those flags mean) I can't remember what the different colors stand for and i wanna confirm something.

odd: Corporate raider Jim looks OLDER than his dads, though

oh neat! last episode of Danger and Eggs takes place on Pride day.

Gasp! Corporate Raider Jim has two dads!

also i love the x-ray feature in Prime videos

Wow, there's a fair amount of famous Voice actors in Danger and Eggs too. Diverse cast too. It's fun

I'm really into Danger and Eggs. It's a fun series!