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@ginsterbusch @Stephen_Stone FWIW, this is a known issue and will be fixed with the next release. (It's already been fixed in master; it just needs to propagate to the next tag.) ^N

@paralithode @Gargron Hi, not sure this has been replied to yet. It looks like when we migrated to a new server a little while ago, some image attachments didn't make it through the site copy. We're not deleting things deliberately; this was a server-side error and we apologize for the inconvenience. ^N

@spoken @Algot @angristan Just want to chime in and say that this is one of the things the devs are currently working on. :) ^N

@jsavalle @stefanieschulte Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. There's not a text search option because too often it's used to find and harass marginalized people, and we want to avoid that as much as possible. ^N

@mod Hi, sorry for the delay! And sorry to hear you're having trouble. Would you mind filing an issue report at ? That way we can get the developers' eyes on it and see if there's a solution. Thanks! ^N

@anotak Sorry for the delay - I agree, that's a pretty big bug! If you haven't yet, would you please file this as an issue on the Mastodon Github site? Thanks! ^N

@Mairin Hi there, sorry for the delay; I'm going to send this to @Gargron, because I know he can disable 2fa but I don't seem to be able to from my admin panel. ^N

@website_user I'm sorry for the delay! I've manually confirmed @website_user; you should be able to log in with the password you originally set. ^N

@fukase Sorry for the delay! Yes, I can manually confirm your other account. Please let me know the name, and as soon as I can confirm it you should be able to log in with the password you set when you created it. ^N

@Wario Hi, sorry for the delay. Yes, we've disabled sign-ups for the time being in order to reduce server load and encourage people to make accounts on different instances. ^N

@ClarkeGriffin I apologize for the delay in getting back! Unfortunately we can't change usernames at the moment; I'll let you know if that changes! ^N

@jackmorrison Sorry for the delay! Just in case you haven't found this, please click the globe (or lock) icon under the toot input window; the bottom visibility option is "Direct", which only shows the post to the people you mention! ^N

@sunflowerbih Sorry for the delay in replying! Instances are like email servers; just like you can be and and have two different sets of emails, you can set up accounts on different instances and have different sets of posts! ^N

@camilizer Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! You're not the only person who's asked for this. I don't know whether it's on the dev calendar at the moment, but if we make that change, we'll announce it! ^N

@MeganiumFromTwitter Sorry for the delay! I'll manually confirm @Meganium for you and you should be able to log in with the password you originally set. ^N

@Camila_Cabello Sorry for the delay! We go back and forth on this; I'm not sure whether name changes are on the development calendar, but you're certainly not the only person to request them! ^N

@UnsettlingQueer Sorry for the delay! You can make accounts on any instance you like (as long as registration is open); each one is separate. Does that help? ^N

@desha Hi there! I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Do you still need help? ^N

@salem Sorry for the delay! I can sure try! Let me know what the username is and I can manually confirm you, and then you can log in with the password you set. ^N

@bangtanboys Hi there! sorry for the delay; we don't regularly cull inactive usernames, as far as I know, but if that changes we'll announce it well before the change goes live! ^N