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Mastodon Support @Support

I wish to apologize for the late responses here again. We are a team of volunteers besides of @Gargron who deal with the support on this account.

There are other ways to get help though: If you are on another server than .social you can ask your own admin
Or use #NeedHelp
or if you're an instance owner try #AdminNeedHelp

Cheers /

@inmysocks I understand! For future reference, you can always search the issues on Github

@greenmanspirit Are you or other users on your server following any other users on .social ?
Because that is required for federation. :)

@mcg no one here (mastodon) can do the verification, because we are not centralized. But in regards to your followers and friends, there are ways for yourself to do it. Like adding an instance to your own domain, or saying on Twitter "HEy I'm x on mastodon" etc. Does that help clarify things? :) @unixbhaskar

/ @maloki

@ashkitten 4 or higher. So you should be fine.

@thbonk Hey, are you wondering if you could connect other users with managing accounts?
This is not a feature right now, however you are allowed to share the account/password as you see fit/and secure. Which is always at your own risk ofc.

/ @maloki

@ultimape Threading is semi-broken sometimes. Unfortunately. It's an issue which is being worked on, and I'll pass this forward to the devs.

Regarding the other account you mentioned, they don't show up because they are sandboxed/silenced, on this server, which means you can only see their stuff if you follow them and they follow you.

Hope this clarified things for you.

/ @maloki (Sorry for the late reply)

@Anjar Looks like you already got some help <3

@erichalv Hey, you should not need ruby outside of the container. :)
Cheers / @maloki

@ashkitten Do you still need help with this? (Sorry for the late reply)

@TheRealPennyForTheGuy I hope we are at least trying to ;)

@pete Maybe they aren't searching for the full address? As they'd need to write @pete[at] (with [at] replaced iwth @ ofc).
I hope this helps?

/ @maloki

@siiham_bb You can't do it yourself, but we can do it for you. If it is what you want, let us know.

@OpinionatedGeek2 Hey I'm really sorry, sometimes our backlog gets really swamped and we can't see older messages (or at least that should be fixed now.)

I'm truly sorry for the late replies regarding this! I'm having an admin look at it now!

@nev @charlotteis Each message has an option to report message. Which is the preferred method. We are working on helping admins report reports to each other, but we want to protect the reporter in such a system.
Admins from some servers do communicate with each other (we have a room for instance owners on discord), so just keep reporting it to your admin, or contact the other instance admin if you want.
I hope this helped.
/ @maloki

@unixbhaskar It is currently not something we could facilitate at the moment.
However, there are other ways users can identify/verify themselves. Like tell your friends via twitter who you are on here. Or attach an instance to your own known domain name.
Hope this answer helps.

@greenmanspirit IS this still an issue? Sometimes when Gargron open the floodgates it brings a lot of .social stuff to a halt, like communication with other servers.
I hope it's working better now, if it's an ongoing issue try asking under #AdminNeedHelp or contact us again.

@inmysocks Apparently it due to deletion of account and installing gnusocial on the same domain.
So it's basically just broken for "other reasons".
We can't really help with this, but I hope it clarified things.

@Kashkabald We could delete your account for you, if that's what you want?

@rayalez Hey, is it better now? It can sometimes take a while to get fixed.
To quote someone helping me answer this question:
"When I borked my install and re-setup, it took a while (almost a day) before all my follows/etc came back"