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Erica Griffin remains the most thorough tech reviewer on the whole internet and I love it

Just a reminder that "flexes on" backwards is "no sexelf".

Move along.

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The Michigander citizenry test is to make both the upper and lower peninsula with your hands

So Robinhood announced a hypothetical data breach just like Google+, but like... did the reasonable thing???

How we your day?

Not Yarby Enough ⚪ 🔘 ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ Too Yarby

10 years of micro-blogging. Here's to 10 more, this time with less fascism!

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Happy Easter to all who celebrate, big and small!
Happy Sunday, also, to all!

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@Supuhstar I kinda get G+ since it has been languishing this whole time, but even with that they ran it just long enough that the users were justified in thinking it would stay.
And as far as I'm aware Inbox was way better recieved and liked than Gmail app itself and an url shortener shouldn't be all that expensive to run, but closing it will absolutely destroy links which can't be corrected after-the-fact unless you know where they lead.

So, yeah. They're gutting what remaining trust I had.

Today, Google kills Google+, Inbox, and

Never trust them to keep a service running. They've proven themselves untrustworthy.


Reminder that Google+ was Google's official successor to Reader. With its death go the final remnants of Reader.

I've never seen an entire website-size community all posting about the same topic... it's like some sort of bizarre party. Literally every post and comment is about the exact same thing; the death of Google+...

The freakiest part is that they are actively slowly shutting parts down. So, like, you can't +1 comments and posts that are parts of events, but you can do on all others still.
And the notifications widget in the browser doesn't work but the one in the Android app does

I could never miss this moment.
How often do you get to be an active member of a dying social network, operated by one of the largest tech giants on Earth?

And despite it being The Purge... nothing terrible. No hate, no illegal content...

Lots of porn, but just regular softcore porn. Nothing drastic.

Mostly memes.

It's been such a weird and special experience, being on Google+ on its last day.

Small though it is compared to Twitter, Facebook, and that ilk... it's still such a large social network. There's so many people here just... doing whatever they want.

The mods are still at the helm but like... nobody cares if they get banned. We're just doing what we want.

Nobody's considering "is this +1 going to show up on my timeline?" or "is this against the community guidelines?"

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