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I'm trying to update the Wikipedia page Training Bra with gender-inclusive language. However, they say I need some secondary sources to back me up.

I'm 30, AMAB, & Non-Binary. I'm taking hormones to grow boobs, and as such, I have to wear a bra for padding and to get used to it for when I eventually need it for support.

It would mean a lot to me if anyone here put out a toot, blog post, or anything else I can link to, showing that I'm not the only adult who needs bras in this way. Thank you!!

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what inception level is gpt-3 describing a meme from 2019 in a pseudo-chaucerian poetry form from late 2016?

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Chicken-Fried Chicken is the Nathan Drake of food

Turns out this thing I call "normal", everyone else calls "quarantine"

Did you know? The singular of Canada is Canadum

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Unexpectedly enjoyable. Types of interchanges and their efficiency ratings.

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Finally made some impromptu breast forms! Gonna see how it feels to have boobs all day every day. Very exciting 😅

I dreamed that Jony Ive visited our game of pool/billiards (the table was slightly tilted) and I joked with him about the temptation to overengineer solutions

Sci-fi novel name idea / writing prompt:
"Trapped Inside Everywhere: Autobiography of an AI"

Labels: use them for introductions but don't let them define you.

In case you don't know me yet: Pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary, furry (pangolin), software dev, artist. If you wanna know me better, don't use these to pigeon-hole me, because I won't 😉

Genderqueer as an umbrella over all gender situations which are not cisgender, andor as an antonym for cisgender

This fits with "queer" as an umbrella over all sexuality sustains which are not heterosexual monamory, andor as an antonym for heterosexual monamory

It's been

2 years since I started listening to this album

And i just now noticed the reflection in the glasses

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