Cops can basically just treat civilians like NPCs. Do you want to let this person out of a ticket to flirt, do you want to shoot this person for not doing a dance on command? Do whatever you want, there are no consequences and this is your power fantasy.

I've been hearing people say that the broad left's various political identities are mostly just different stylings and have no practical meaning for a marginalized left. It seems to come mostly from the chapos and, whatever their value as polemicists, this is wrong. While I agree the factoralism is mostly silly, political difference is still essential because building up a young left is a political question. Also, the dismissal of it tends to come from dominant corners of any coalition.

Do other people who are gender queer also feel deeply uncomfortable in a room of all either male-facing or female-facing people? Maybe this is like an extremely fundamental experience for people with any level of gender dysphoria and I'm just an ignorant idiot.

I just stupidly referred to a female author as a he in a woke class where I am the only male-facing student and now. I. Want. To. Die.

I like to imagine a future where in the next Spiderman game, you don't stop a robbery because you can't subject anyone to the criminal justice system. Though maybe I'm just humorless

My inner child is an American Girl doll on fire. And no, I don't know what this means.

In a socialist Utopia, we would have figured out how to make the frosting on mini wheats dissolve slower in milk.

The most optimistic version of myself believes my student loans are just money I've stolen from those greedy and stupid enough to loan it to me.

McCain (im sorry) 

unrealized projects of Guillermo del Toro? *crying* they were all canceled

If anyone's defense of a politician, from John McCain to Ocasio-Cortez, includes, 'Ive known [politician] for X years', their input can reliably be written off.

Activism and emotional labor. 

McCain meta shit 

On Barclays window: "become Brooklyn royalty. Royalty gets the best views". Come on folks, you are practically begging for guillotines at this point.

Five minutes into New School orientation: "don't give to panhandlers outside, we need to keep our school safe." Fuck you, I'm out.

Five minutes into graduate orientation: "don't give to panhandlers outside, we want to keep our school safe." Fuck you, I'm out.

If Number 1 isn't "avoid the fascist cops crawling around the city" I'm out.

I love being closer to 30 than 20 and having to go to a "safety in the city" orientation to get my PhD.

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