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If you haven't yet, do yourself a favour and watch Ram Ke Naam by Anand Patwardhan today.

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Folks who came in for blue ticks in mstdn server here are the details to donate, can each one pay minimum 100 and maximum up to you can afford? Let’s be kind to folks who helps us, now am asking for boosts from all of you and 100 ₹

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Oh also, waiting for DYC's son to become a judge to correct this atrocity after 50 years. Someone please tell me why I am studying the law. 🤮

Short version of the Judgment is:
Tomorrow if I like a house, I will destroy it, and I'll claim my great great grandfather lived there once (I'll write his address in a few diaries and say I have faith he lived there). Then I will say that people who had been living after my great great grandfather, did so illegally. And then it will become mine. I'll cite the Judgment as precedent. Such

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Here because of @chinmayi because she shared a snapshot of a few toots of @Deepsealioness
As they say well begun is half done! :fatyoshi:

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People of , please keep giving shout outs to people who are joining Mastodon!

Our power is in the networks we will form here organically. Before the trolls arrive and do their inorganic trolly BS, we will have a tightly knit group of people who will be prepared to deal with the incoming hate.

Hey everyone. Am a lawyer in Delhi. Here because Twitter is a shit show. Also, very excited to without care. @Deepsealioness @Memeghnad


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