Beer, relaxation 

For example

snd $ g n where ...

is read

snd of g n where ...

This morning I heard someone pronounce infix $ in Haskell as "of" and it blew my mind.

I will never read Haskell in my head the same again.

@vascorsd ... Decomposition (at the ticket or todo list level) helps me keep my own and my perfectionist report's anxieties in check. It allows me to see a path and make progress; both are important for internal anxiety levels (thus helping manage the key emotion I identified as being problematic for our case).

@vascorsd Yes! It took me a long time to overcome this. Occasionally I still fall into this trap but rarely now. I try to start new projects with the mindset, "let's start building a solution with the right skeleton that basically works first, then we can finish and polish."

As an architect & engineering manager now, I consciously pair myself and another "perfectionist" report with one of the completer-finishers on the team. Decomposing larger tasks into smaller tickets helps, plus todo lists.

Self care can be small, simple, and take just a moment. Fit it into your daily life.

7yo persists with her note leaving, this time in the bathroom sink.

@larsrh don't ask questions any of us want to know the answers to.

After putting the kids to bed tonight, I stepped out to get some groceries. On my way out, a stranger walking in called, "excuse me, maam, there is something flapping on your back."

It was a note from the 7yo...

Seems apt to me but I haven't utilized functional dependencies in my own work.

Last week I came across this intuition: functional dependencies is like type level prolog. How does that sit with you?

Favo(u)rite datatype generic API use case? E.g. Servant. What else have you used? What have you used datatype generic programming to describe on your own projects (private or public) and how does the approach compare in your experience with other ways of expressing the problem domain?

Your favo(u)rite non-deterministic * -> * with a law abiding Alternative instance. Go.

(Parallel parsing is pretty cool,but what else?)

@sfsutcliffe I used to visit Kakopetria as a child. It was a calm, meditative experience.

/me breathes deeply with gratitude.

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