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Please don’t forget, India’s Union Home Minister provoked people and warned everyone- “Delhi's Tukde-Tukde Gang Should Be Taught A Lesson”

Prime Minister says Urban Naxal, Home minister says tukde tukde, waah re India ki kismat. ndtv.com/india-news/amit-shah-

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Turn out the lights. Make the police stand aside. Let the thugs do what they like for an allotted time, with ready target lists. Deny they had anything to do with it.

The Gujarat model of rioting has now gone national.

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@geetv79@twitter.com And some days before even said "Delhi's Tukde-Tukde Gang Should Be Taught A Lesson"

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Like cockroaches (but armed with deadly weapons) the RSS-BJP does everything in the dark of night. If there are lights, those are smashed.

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So can we ask now:

Why Pulwama happened?

How the RDX reached the most secured place?

Why the terrorist activities in Kashmir have drastically gone up under BJP?

Exodus of Kashmir Pandits happened under VP Singh govt with BJP's support. Did BJP investigate?

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EXCLUSIVE: BJP Received Donation From Company Being Probed for 'Terror Funding thewire.in/politics/bjp-donati via @thewire_in@twitter.com?lang=en

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So @amitshah@twitter.com says Assam NRC list is junked and a fresh NRC would be done along with a nation wide NRC. That means no NRC in Assam also.

Question is who will pay ~₹1500 Cr spent on Assam NRC?

It was a Supreme Court monitored project no? So shall we deduct from Gogoi’s pension?

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So far....
A BJP guy has been arrested for his links with ISI
A terror accused has entered the parliament on BJP ticket
And now the BJP is caught accepting money from someone being probed for its links with Mumbai blasts...

Nationalism, redefined.

Sorry for typo. I am sure cartoonist meant fresh apricots!

After years of falling, poverty in India may have risen again since GST and demonetisation

6 years of Modi magic!

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Delhi Police stops JNU students peaceful march to parliamentarians! Students beaten up and detained. The MHRD is fooling students by forming committee. In solidarity with JNU students' demands for

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43% of students of JNU have an annual parental income of less than ₹ 1,44,000 and the proposed fee hike will make the annual hostel fee ₹ 66,100 for Single Seater and ₹ 62, 500 for Double Seater

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This is the reality of ! Do you disagree @meghnad@twitter.com?

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ছাত্রছাত্রীরা পড়তে চাইচেন বলে মার খাচ্চেন আর যে বাবুর@meghnad@twitter.comপড়তে দিতে চান না তেনারা সংসদে এ সি র বাতাস খাচ্চেন

Students are getting beaten up for wanting to study and those who don't want anybody to study are enjoying AC comfort inside Parliament


The must debate but should not block our mission :

What is the mission Sir Ji ?

The government is looking to wrap up the sale of state-run airline Air India & oil refiner& marketer Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) by March 2020.


Intense outrage in Lok Sabha happened about the detainment of Farooq Abdullah in Kashmir.

HM Shah had told Parliament he wasn't detained. Turns out he is. So members were demanding answers on why he lied to the house.

Speaker said he wasn't informed about it so it technically wasn't a lie.

Like... wow.

NK Premchandran making a statement about the suicide of Fatima Lateef, a brilliant student in IIT Madras. She killed herself after facing caste discrimination.

So glad someone is bringing this up. It's sad how it was largely ignored by the media.

More MPs are now speaking about it.

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