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Went to the museum today. Me and my friend spent more time coming up with our own theories about history rather than just read the artefact descriptions :)

absurdly, the public school firewall appears to block Mastodon but not Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, etc lol.

Out of these options, what would you like to see from us next?

The amazing Inter font just got a very first v4 beta release, with variable font axis changes for optical size and slant 🆎

#typography #design #variablefonts #inter

Do you want to contribute and speak a language besides English?

BookWyrm's documentation ( needs translation help in all our supported languages:

I hope the upcoming iPhone SE variants use the iPhone 12/13 mini formfactor

Started playing dopewars with a friend today. It’s hella fun to sell cocaine

This Thursday! Free, no registration required. Tune into 24 hours of accessibility and inclusive design talks from some of the best and brightest in the industry. #a11y

Do we have standard definitions for footwear? Like what exactly is a pair of sneakers, what are heels? Or do just people vaguely call them whatever they want.

It is the dream of every software company founder to be able to say to their users “so long, suckers”

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With the news about (yah!) being bought by Adobe (booo!), you're probably starting to worry - nooo, please don't make .

You've heard about It's ? What's open source?

It's a philisophy -

Well, I’ve always said that the only good billionaire is one who gives up being a billionaire so credit where credit is due:

#patagonia #billionaires

I can't be the only one who's not crazy about #figma. I see its useful features, and how fast it can be to do UI with it. Prototypes simple animations also help to present wireframes.

Many designers I recently came into contact, use Figma for all stages of a design project. But I'm uncomfortable with that.

Although it lacks the prototype sharing features, I prefer Sketch. But that's a personal preference.

Ordered pizza with pineapple in Italy and nobody yelled at me (so far)

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They went through a number of different stacks. It started off using their own gamer dev tools for Apple and C-64 and then migrated to GEOS for several years and between 1995 and 2001 they were building webpages using TCL under AOLServer and they were in the process of migrating to Java. They were on the web from the start. I worked for Netscape (which later was swallowed up by them - so I ended up engineering manager for Groups@AOL) and they had deals with Netscape and Microsoft for special access to web browsers and APIs from the very beginning. So the text and early window interfaces were only for 4-5 years and that was mostly in GEOS. .
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