Dusk was thickening by the time we reached the harbor. There were dozens of boats of all sizes tied up, and others standing out in the harbor, sails close-reefed on their masts. We wandered along the quay, reading their names.

But something moved in the silver, a flicker in the bright haze. Until, crossing from the sun-path into the blue, it took on shape. A Tripod, followed by a second, and a third. Six of them all told. I said, in wonder, "Can they walk on water?"

But to travel where? Could this tunnel run for a hundred miles, as the track of the Shmand-Fair had done - but underground? To a buried city, perhaps, whose wonders were even greater than those of the city above us?

“I am ready now.” He put a hand out, first to me and then to Henry. “My name - I am Zhan-pole.” He looked odd and solemn standing there, tall and thin, with that strange metal-and-glass thing on his face. Henry laughed. “More like !”

if more than 2.5 people find this funny i will vectorise and make it available for anyone to use
im such a sad nerd

@therealarlowho just release a short note, about the state of his interpretation of . Have a look :-).


I was sorry at the thought of leaving her, and my father, and of their unhappiness when they found me gone. The Caps offered no remedy for human grief. But I could not stay, any more than a sheep could walk through a slaughterhouse door, once it knew what lay beyond.


“The Watch-do you ever think what it must have been like in the days when things like that were made?” I had, from time to time, but it was another subject on which speculation was not encouraged, and Jack had never talked in this way before. I said, “Before ?” “Yes.”

Farther along was the den Jack had made. One approached it through a crumbling arch; inside it was dry, and there was a place to build a fire. Jack had made one before coming out to look for me, and had skinned, cleaned, and skewered a rabbit ready for us to grill.

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What if Elon naming his kid that is a 500 IQ move to force web companies to finally accept unicode in name fields and loosen length validation

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