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that has not brought the issue of failed policy in india front & center! So I've decided that I'm going to be posting about it on two platforms!Specifically the & OMC controlled pumps not allowing them to purchase

RT Cant take a joke? 😂 here’s one! I bought 3M masks for myself back in feb of 2020! 🙏

AlrightB so this should triple crosspost! X twitters and mastadon and back to twitters!

AlrightB so this should triple crosspost! X twitters and mastadon and back to twitters!

RT But you can’t recruit kids suffering from due to excessive Because government & judiciary have basically gifted policy to Oil Marketing Companies! Did you notice a significant drop in applicants? If not this year! Give it another 2 maximum!

RT 😂 i just used that snippet for my morning TeePee! 🙏

RT ??? Wtf bro? Why your after collecting pennies from me? Phele is dadiyal benchod ka jeb chapo! 🙏


This is fiddlesticks. In a perfect world the old buzzard at the RBI incumbent 2018 should be made to apologise and compensate Indian Investors. Especially those who can establish they had an active wallet before they spouted their initial nonsense on

RT heres what i think of your “world sustainably summit!” 🤣 and energy! What was the carbon footprint?

A map showing the migration routes in the ancient mega-continent...

RT Yeah - like efficacy data! Releasing which would have made types look stupid because they wld have say something nice about pundit nehrus ghost! 😂

RT It’s factually true sir! When expires from lack of O2 or anything ! Technically he/she has become Ram-Ko-Pyara! then how to count this as a vote for -central states are full of people who have become or will become beloved to ram! Prollem is! Mandir kaun banayega

Hmmm… so is my mastodon posting to twitter or my twitter posting to mastadon? 🤔


Tushar Mehta tells SC “ As on date, NO migrants on road”

Tushar Mehta tells SC “As on date, NO oxygen deficit”

India’s greatest tragedy is that her Solicitor General is a liar beneath contempt.


Over 100 days & still Modi govt. has been a FAILURE in understanding the needs of the farmers from the 3 Farm Bills.

To intensify the ongoing protest, the farmers have urged people to boycott BJP politically.


Beaten, dragged and arrested. 80 year old Gurmukh Singh served in the army for 22 years, fought 3 wars & awarded 10 medals.

"Now the police call me a terrorist. I can't swallow this humiliation", he said.


Breaking: India reacts to comments by Rihanna, Greta and others on farmers protests in India. MEA says,"temptation of sensationalist social media hashtags and comments, especially when resorted to by celebrities and others, is neither accurate nor responsible. "

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