@Reddymadhavan They don't have anything else to target Kerjiwal so have this creeping feeling that they are doing this on purpose just so that they can make it an electoral issue. Especially after tiwari statement.

Now, the science students - the ones who had been too good for the humanities once, want a piece of this pie. The public discourse pie. The place where much of the talk is about politics, economics, history, and media. Many of them find they can't. They lack the education for it.

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It's the height of ridiculousness that even in the brink of 2020 one has to explain how reservation is not a poverty alleviation program but about representation. This 'ignorance' is not organic, it's intentionally sustained by those who were in power all these years.

It's not like this distinction is so nuanced that people can't understand it. It's just that they don't want to understand it and more importantly, they don't want others to understand it.

Be remembered for a disposition.
Cast away habits & tendencies.
Let's do our bit to ensure .

How bankrupt is the government?
As much as I am for them taxing all these overpaid people, I don’t think it should be arbitrary. Raise their

@ranjona I believe we need to leave the space for not two but three distinct groups of Hindus.

a. Those who want a Hindu supremacist state
b.those who don't
c. those who feel Hindus should be privileged in some way but coexist peacefully with others and don't agree with the methods of (a).

While being (b), I see a whole lot of older folks I know, being (c).

Good morning with some of the most beautiful cats of our country! The real Jon Snows!

@huzefa But there are many credit-card averse persons who prefer the debit card in India!

Just an average citizen who hopes that , rather than mere politicians, get elected.
Quite keen that more citizens engage with their elected representatives at all levels from local to national. Our netAs need to be brought down from pedestals. Please use all means to keep in touch with them on civic, social and environmental issues.
For starters-

@Memeghnad @ashwin_baindur

@rupagulab Now that I'm legally a human, I want to file an affidavit declaring myself an atheist.

On what is believed to be the oldest mosque in India (in Kerala) and how the very architects, masons and carpenters who built temples to Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti constructed, in similar style, houses of worship to Allah and Mary: livemint.com/mint-lounge/featu

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"tribal society, like most of human society, is dynamic, and will always be open to and embrace change that benefits them. The key issue is that this decision for change should be their decision, on their terms and at their pace. None of these hold true in the displacement by Sardar Sarovar or such mega-projects"
A response to “Are Resettled Oustees from the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project ‘Better Off’ Today?” by Shripad Dharmadhikary and Nandini Oza epw.in/journal/2019/44/discuss

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