@LuigiEsq if they’re ten minutes late work is cancelled

How are you empowering users to take full control of their computing? Tell us about it: submit a session for #LibrePlanet 2021! u.fsf.org/359 Need inspiration? There are hundreds of videos at u.fsf.org/1a3!

Vegan sunday waffles 😍😍 Recipe by veganblatt.com

250g flour
250ml soy milk
1,5 teaspoon baking powder
1,5 teaspoon of oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
60g cane sugar
50ml carbonated water
Oil for the waffle iron

#vegan #veganfood #food #whatveganseat #waffel

Universities should strike any app mandates from their existing student commitments, and should pledge to not include them in future student commitments. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/07/univ

someone sent me this, not show who needs to see it but it made me smile ever so slightly

Tell us about a time you had a productive conversation on social media.

Dear Mastodon!

I'm proud to say I will be demo'ing my replication of Crytek's Neon Noir #raytracing in #vulkanapi at i3D 2020's poster track this year! Will be doing live tweaks+source review in the session so I encourage you to register (for free!): bit.ly/i3d2020reg

Probably the most sophisticated thing I've done, yet. Which is why I would appreciate any signal boosts! ❤️ 🙏

Also, much thanks to @anteru for his help debugging some issues encountered during development!

Do you love free speech, net neutrality, and open source tech? If so, you should become a member of EFF today! eff.org/join

And I’m live at jacky.wtf/twitch! Going to talk your ear off about the PinePhone from @thepine64 and other things in the space of open source hardware. Not an expert, all for fun. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/2bcb303a-6ca)

I think its closer to bug sweat then poop. Also its used as a finishing coat.

Hay bees make honey and its delicious. As well as wax and propolis which are also very useful.

So I decided to look up shellac after watching a few videos by youtube craftsmen . He often uses it in many of his projects. Shellac is such a versitile lacquer and comes from bug excretions. So its earth friendly and can be touched up years later. If I ever need to do wood work or refinish furnature im seriously going to consider using it.

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