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🦊️ What's: A time trial racing game in which the player tries to improve his time without dropping the easter egg placed in a basket on the roof of the vehicle

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"Who sent you?"
The intruder froze.
"You haven't come to seek gold or glory for yourself," the dragon said.
It was a short, sad, familiar story.
"Do you want to stay," the dragon asked, "with the others?"
The dragon called for his adopted children.
"I hoard family."

@thor @Jessica
2000s techie: My goal is to connect everything to the internet

2020s techie: My goal is to disconnect everything from the internet

A programmer was sentenced to 255 days in jail. He asked the judge if he could make it 256 days instead. The judge granted his request and the programmer walked free the next day.

help cd # There are several commands inside bash called 'built-ins'. You can access info about them using 'help builtin' or just run 'help' to see the list of built-ins. This may be one reason why some command doesn't have a man page if you've been wondering about that.

pushd and popd are also common programs you can use for moving around the filesystem. See 'help pushd' and 'help popd' for info.

@SuperDicq @mray I made a combo logo many years ago.

But yes, a free software logo would be great.

We have been warned that a free version of #Fedilab has been published on GPlay.

We don't own it and we didn't build that version. If you want to use the app for free, you should only download it from #Fdroid which builds apps from sources.

It's all grist for the new FCC Broadband Data Task Force, which is poised to end the official farce that the internet is a glorified video-on-demand service and acknowledge the truth:

Broadband is the single wire that delivers free speech, a free press, free assembly, education, family life, employment, health, opportunity, civic and political engagement, and every other necessity for a decent and dignified life in the 21st century.


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When it comes to broadband, America is the original shithole country: a land of copper wires wrapped in newspaper, then dipped in tar and draped over shrubs and sold to suckers with no other choice at some of the highest prices in the western world.


Vintage computer programming books available for free download:

I like the cute robot illustrations in 'Machine Code for Beginners'.

Hackaday post:

Google asking to see my ID before I can watch age restricted you tube videos. just ignoring that they already have all the information they need to verify my age and already verified my age multiple times. whoever decided that needed to be a feature should sit on a pineapple and spin.

@mntmn the laptop arrived, i'm really happy with it

the manual is excellent. i don't think i've seen a technical manual for a computer that was useful and detailed like this and not just legalese goop, ever

the whole thing feels very solid and i'm impressed with just how much attention was paid to everything

connecting the batteries was also easy, having opened Acer laptops before it was something i dreaded 😅 , next up the NVMe

and i… guess i have to get back to etnaviv dev now hehe

The temple was hazy with incense. I knelt and asked my question.
"You will discover a new world," the oracle answered, "and taste its salt."
I knew it was not literal. The oracle only speaks in mysteries.
And now, I listen to your gentle snores, lick my fingers again, and smile.

Our fights have different technical characteristics and different structural remedies particular to those characteristics, but they are, fundamentally, the same fight.

The fight against monopolies.


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