turning off the reposter now so there won't be anything new on here

gonna deactivate this one at some point in the future

hard to take furry porn seriously if its just a screen recording of someone sucking off some fuckin avatar in like vrchat

my fursona always has motion blur on her for some reason

im considering remaking my acc on snouts online with the crossposter just turned off

very much enjoying this new rainbow six siege update which makes the game blackscreen for a solid 5 seconds every time i alt tab

turns out Android looks pretty good if you make the notification panel background fully transparent and turn on blur

yes i said its region locked but also i know how to make it work regardless

oh shit the new Samsung good lock update lets you move the clock around on the statusbar God fucking Bless

very cool of Samsung to region lock a fucking customization app

i wonder if there's a timeline in which christopher eccleston got to be there for more than just one season of dr who

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