Just got woken up by some woman yelling outside, “WILL YOU KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN? PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!”

Yeah, thanks lady. 😑

This pandemic has made things very scary and very divisive. But there is no need to shame or judge anyone who ends up travelling or flying.

Express concern, understand the situation, listen to their reasons. But don't get nasty. Toxic, angry behaviour helps no one.

It occurs to me that next week would have been @furfest@twitter.com and I'm

SOLDIERS! BABSTREAM IS NOW!! GO GO GO GO GO!! picarto.tv/babstream NOW with free bonus Ed! (@edbcollie@twitter.com)

Riding the bus home from work and there’s a LOT more restaurants and bars that have shut down. This is so heartbreaking. If this pandemic hadn’t hit, these places would have still been thriving.

Ah yes. That magical time of the year where I don’t feel the Christmas spirit whatsoever and not sure I want to try to this year. 🙃

I’m having a Thanksgiving lunch with poultry, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn....all mixed up into a single bowl courtesy of KFC and @pattonoswalt@twitter.com.

(Side note: my coworkers think my lunch is disgusting. I think it’s tasty! :9)

I am ready to RAID. If anyone's in Europe or Asia and you have me in your friend's lists, please invite me to your raids so I can catch Mesprit and Uxie!!!

I have a question and I do NOT mean disrespect. But why is Cas being labelled as gay instead of bi like Dean? He lost his virginity to a woman, and he was fond of Meg. Shouldn’t he be pan? He has way less limits then Dean due to his genderless species.

Sorting my latest additions to my Daisy Duck pin collection! :)

HEY HEY!! Ever tell you that I could draw the and have been doing so for years? No? WELL FEAST YER EYES!!!

I decided I needed more Duck on my timeline. (@pixelkitties@twitter.com I blame you! 😘)

So here’s a gorgeous 80s Daisy plush that @PoinkCast@twitter.com recently got me from Disney World!

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