Giving Daisy Duck a big hug while at Disney World. And screw anyone who says Disney is just for kids!!

The Burger King I’m at is playing 70s music and I’m having flashbacks to diners my parent and I would stop at when we’d go on a road trip. The ambience is real. :)

SOLDIERS! No this week! After a crazy week of work, getting over a cold, and a slight case of artist fatigue, gonna take the night off and just relax and have a nice leisurely evening. :) Will resume Babstream FRIDAY APRIL 26!!

Things I do while waiting for Supernatural to start:
*draw stick figure porn of with a rocket dick
*research whether McDonald's sells spaghetti. (Spoiler: They do! In the Phillipines!)
*have a meow conversation with my cat.

Ugh. I just found a cockroach in my apartment. I caught it and tossed it outside instead of squashing him. you owe me for this!!!

April 16 is ! And I'm showing off my 3 babies: Cheeto was made by in 2009, and Lili (2004) and Babsie (2017) were by All characters were designed by me, and custom built by amazingly talented folks!!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I love you guys very much and appreciate all the kind words. :)

Fursuit designers and makers should always get their name out. But be kind. To do do while kicking all the other creators and artisans on the way up is crass. Furry is for everyone and there’s room for everyone! Respect.

Oh good! My birthday present arrived from Acme!!! Time for a test run! HEY I GOT A SURPRISE FOR YA!!!

Today I discover the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Woke up from a nap to hear that Notre Dame cathedral has been destroyed by a raging fire. I am absolutely devastated.

Meet my new girl! Her name is Cherche (prounounced "Share-shay"), she's a Maine coon cat who's a goth. She believes in cryptozoology and reincarnation and....yeah okay she's shamelessly based on the cat from Pet Sematary, with a little Fifi La Fume thrown in.

I have a feeling if the opportunity came up, and AT&T was selling it off on its own, Disney would buy WB. It's not something that will happen in the near future, especially with how pricey the Fox purchase was, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Happy anniversary to us! and I have been married for 3 years! :) (Pic by

Whenever Facebook goes down, I always feel so disappointed, because it never stays that way.

Commission for! He loves Baseball and here he is trying to play both!

SOLDIERS!! BABSTREAM IS NOW! With free Bonus Ed! Join me and
at (link: GO GO GO GO GO!

SOLDIERS!!! Babstream is tonight! Now with free bonus Ed! Join me and at at 8 pm EST

Was showing off my Disney swag to my friends. I think it’s pretty obvious who my Disney bestie is! :)

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