*larry the cable guy voice*

I'm larry the cable guy

*larry the cable guy voice*

I'm larry the cable guy

people often claim my posts are "shit" or "awful garbage" but that is because im the one true poster, and shield my true pearls away from the taint of your gaze, thus keeping them pure and magnificent

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Is there a way to move this account/all the accompanying data? I'm already rebuilding on @knkz.me but if prefer to just move all this

Going to keep posting here until I find everyone again on @knkz.me

Hey, people who followed me on social! Let's be mutuals again eh? Boost this to help me rebuild ect. Ect.

Please boost this so I can find my friends! I'm shouting into the void of the fediverse here

Just realized I hadn't confirmed the follows from all the bofa folks who migrated! Sorry friends

Last thing about all this: someone wanna invite me to bofa.lol?

Should I move somewhere else now? Has the .social community evaporated? In was makin friends here, talking with people, boosting cool toots. Where are talking going/gone To?

Back home on Saturday, getting drunk on Sunday, life's good

Fix your shit, mastodon

I'll always remember the week of jolly, wholesome shitposting we had before settling back in to intraleft mutual disembowelment.

Anyway, i present to you the two major political parties:



Why is everyone always telling to swing my chariot low? Shut the fuck up, you motherfuckers, I'm swinging it high, to spite you

For real tho, can someone explain to me what happened? I'm pinning toots togeather on a cork board like in its always sunny rn

Been busy "offline" "reading" "books" to get ready for "university" and apparently I've missed a lot

"isn't the Gaslight Anthem "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy?" I love @TPAlbuquerque

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