i saw a couple people suggesting that the "TOOT" button should play a little sound effect when you press it, but i think most people prefer silent toots

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Have a good night, I hope this has more users tomorrow!

@TRASEVOL_DOG I managed to get a very very basic PHP bot running in ~1 hour. The OAuth stuff could use a bit more documention but it's pretty easy to set up!

if yr in the mood for smth light this morning try sacramento imo. this game hates the concept of time almost as much as i do dziff.itch.io/sacramento mastodon.social/media/10113

Question: Do we want tootbots to be a thing? Like artistic tootbots I mean.

Hi, TRASEVOL_DOG here! I make video games and other digital oddities! I have a few games on trasevol-dog.itch.io/ if you want to check them out! (most of them are free)
Also, I use a lot, you can ask me about that if you want! I'm always available for a chat anyway! :)


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