i saw a couple people suggesting that the "TOOT" button should play a little sound effect when you press it, but i think most people prefer silent toots

Over $41K raised via A Good Bundle: itch.io/b/149/a-good-bundle

If you haven't yet, buy it! $2 or more, $20 gets you 151 games, proceeds go to ACLU and Planned Parenthood!


Have a good night, I hope this has more users tomorrow!

@TRASEVOL_DOG I managed to get a very very basic PHP bot running in ~1 hour. The OAuth stuff could use a bit more documention but it's pretty easy to set up!

Also, have you ever been to itch.io's comics page? itch.io/comics

there's some cool stuff there mastodon.social/media/10124

if yr in the mood for smth light this morning try sacramento imo. this game hates the concept of time almost as much as i do dziff.itch.io/sacramento mastodon.social/media/10113

Question: Do we want tootbots to be a thing? Like artistic tootbots I mean.

Hi, TRASEVOL_DOG here! I make video games and other digital oddities! I have a few games on trasevol-dog.itch.io/ if you want to check them out! (most of them are free)
Also, I use a lot, you can ask me about that if you want! I'm always available for a chat anyway! :)


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