If one of the biggest tech companies would rather rewrite how time works than build their technology to meet user requirements then I think they might be bad at what they do.

It's weird how season finales used to be things that wrapped up plot threads into a satisfying conclusion instead of just letting them fizzle and hyping the next season.

I feel like what the new Jurassic Park movie really needs is for Samuel L. Jackson to show up with a robotic arm.

Obviously Daisy was cut from Mario Strikers because Nintendo thought she was too sassy and were worried that she might say something political when she won a match.

I am now on Mastodon! not sure anyone will see this but at least I'm finally here.

I have so many questions about Musk's monumentally foolish investment.
Is this a midlife crisis? Is it to get the SEC off his back? Will he pay a billion to weasel out of it? What's he done that's worth spending a billion on to hide from the SEC? Is it all just to spy on people he doesn't like?

For me breaking in a new pair of shoes hinges on the premise that my ankles can heal while the shoes cannot.

Huge Halloween Update!
We just added 5 new levels and a new mode to the game.
Check it out if you're looking for a spooky party game to play with your friends this Halloween!

We are planning to make good use of this jack-o-lantern model that we happened to have a lying around.

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