Apparently @Magess is also on here. Plus some bots that repost stuff from Twitter.

How do I find interesting things?

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@Taffer Well, it helps to probably not be on the main server, actually. Then you can use the Local and Federated timelines to watch for people who look interesting.

There is tag searching.

You can look through the #introductions tag.

@Magess i-have-no-idea-what-i'm-doing.jpg I need to read some FAQs or something to find out about servers and whatnot.

@Taffer So on there's the widget that asks what you are and what language you speak. That widget is meant to suggest servers to you

@Taffer The server you join has a local timeline, where everyone who posts a message that's Public can be seen.

Servers connect to one another, so you can follow people across them, provided they haven't been banned.

The Federated timeline on your server is a choice collection of the people your server knows about because of who the other people on your server have followed across the federated network.

@Taffer It's not everyone, it's just a subset of everyone. But the more people that are on the server, the larger that subset is, until it reaches a point where there are so many messages in Federated that you can't read them.

@Magess Is there any way to move to a different server, or do you just create a new account and redirect on the old one?

@Taffer and also help you look for a server that's interesting. They are often topical, sometimes geographical, sometimes ideological

@Taffer You can save your settings and import and set the old account to redirect, but there's not a "move"

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