yesterday was a really good day – got tied up and put in predicament bondage that choked me until my face turned purple, struggled to breathe through layers of cling film while my tits and cock got shocked with strong electricity, then had my ass fucked with an electrical butt plug as I squirmed in a claustrophobic rubber sleep sack. 10/10 would recommend

true friends will drive you around unfamiliar parts of oakland at night till you're disoriented, throw you on the ground in a moldy back room, blindfold/gag/strip you, kick you all over, and bruise your ass till they've cooled off some steam :3

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last night I got (consensually) kidnapped & beat the fuck up in a creepy dark basement – fun times


queer play party tonight! I always try to go to this one when I'm in town cause it's so chill & full of trans folk. (there's also gonna be someone there who loves to be incredibly mean to my tits and bits)

I've really gotta learn how to roll a proper joint before I can call myself a service sub

VR is gonna be so interesting for sensory-focused kinks like hypnosis, as well as the fetishes impossible to fulfill practically (giantess, vore, etc)

for the last time, yes, all my friends have blanket consent to abduct me off the street and torture me in a basement for a couple weeks.

maybe a month or two tops, but only if you promise to go full mindfuck with it.

last night I started part two of JJBA and got turned on by it twice in one hour

I'm sorry for my sins

anyone in SF who hangs out with me more than a couple times will quickly realize that I only packed a handful of dresses

zippers in predicament bondage are something I *so* desperately want to try

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huh, I've got a bunch of clothespins that I haven't put anywhere but my nipples so far. I gotta do a really mean zipper!

there is now an internet of things hairbrush, and I'm going to be so disappointed if it doesn't count spanks for OTK usage

dunno what the mastodon trans BDSM porn audience looks like, but I'll be here more to keep up with friends till I find a desktop or iOS client!

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