@anaisbetts Oh no, that is never good! Look at it this way though, it's Friday and it's only the beginning of the day! There is so much more to make today great! Hope the rest of your day is much better!

@sgtstretch Oh no! So you probably answered it then! Darn telemarketers are getting smart! There should definitely be a way for phone companies to block these spam calls, especially if it's your own number calling you.

@sgtstretch Yea, they do that. Whats really weird is when your own phone number comes up on your display. xD

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and my voice has dropped an octave.

Here's me having some fun with that!

@lizsicle Flyin' so high, he might as well have. If only for a moment, haha!

@HappyWulf If only I was still into card games! The closest thing for me is Poker now!

You don't really... collect those kind of playing cards.

@sketchygenet I just joined yesterday. I wasn't aware that instances could get full! Glad I got into this one when I could! Haha!

@BranTarik I always thought it would be cool if someone came out with a computer case, that was a suitcase, but with mATX standoffs, hard drive mounts and more! That way you could easily make your own PC, any way you want! Upgrade when you want, and have one laptop forever!

PC's will be hard to find in a wasteland! Gotta make your own with what ya got! I found a few parts and some duct tape!

What's the most silly thing you've built? I would love to see!

That food sure looks tasty... Mind if I have a taste?

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hello there! First Toot on Mastodon! Hope you all are having a great day!

@ashfurrow Those are some big sniffers! All the better to catch the mice!

@VGCinema I heard it's a ball full of lucky feet from rabbits!


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