This is compulsory reading for anyone who is English or wants to understand how this government, and by extension, this country views its immigrants

When I was seven or eight the kids with truck driver dads were the kings of the school. Their dads had the coolest jobs because of Burt Reynolds.

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At the Goodwill checkout with a LP, the cashier tells me, "no returns on records." I look at her and say, 

"So, all sales are vinyl?"

Is there a social penalty for not liking The Fall, and if so, how does it manifest?

This must be the worst rated app in a top 50 list, 1.3 star average with 549 reviews, and it looks like it’s been like this for months and years. How is this allowed to happen? What decisions are or aren’t being made to get into this mess?

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Missing friends from Twitter? Reach out to them and invite them. Try multiple times.

Give them good reasons too, like this amazing picture of precariously stacked Commodore disk drives.

Yesterday I sold our cargo bike to our favourite independent trader who are going to use to deliver cases of craft beer and wine to the neighbourhood. I honestly don't know if I ever have done anything more significant to support the local community.

I've been waiting a long time to take this screenshot, sacrificing both safety and peace of mind to give all y'all some gratifying content. 

I’ve been wondering for a while quite how large London is compared to the last place I lived. Here’s an outline that roughly match the M25, with Belfast centred where central London is.

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Hello! Here are some App Store promo codes for my game Blackbar:



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