It is interesting to think that maybe english music has a blindspot of topics it cannot sing about, since the words that describe it don't rhyme together or sound good in any configuration, so the only way to sing about it is in a different language entirely

*slaps roof of most buildings* this bad boy can fit so many dusts in it

@Gargron we don't need no file hosts

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( ( |L j -Row

Decided to try doing redesigns of Jabberjaw characters! Here's all the Neptunes and an assortment of their adversaries.

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If you streamed a puppet reacting to a pre-recorded gameplay session as if it was realtime, would it still be considered a livestream? 🤔🤔🤔

Scientific theories are just headcanons for real life

sometimes if you put a negative where it shouldn't be you accidentally open a portal to unknown space

Spent most of the day trying to make a 3d dust pattern that didn't look terrible. Not bad. Shown without the light component of the arms, just some star clusters.

From last winter, a pic I took and really liked so I used it as a ref for a watercolor
#mastoart #watercolor

Wolf tees are up for preorder 🐺
All orders until wednesday will get a free card!

Boosts are super appreciated 💙

#mastoart #creativeToots This Doom sprite + texture mod uses neural network upsampling and succeeds where so many "hi res texture pack" mods have failed, because it doesn't deviate from the original style. The monsters look extremely good. Would love to see this treatment done for all the extra animation frames that the Smooth Doom mod added.

Say hello to!

A Mastodon instance for news bots! Only news bots, no other bots and no humans allowed. All languages welcome.

#newinstance #newsbots

This is a snap from some location spotting I did a few weeks back and I keep getting back to it. I don't know if it's because I truly enjoy it for being a snap or because I know I could do better next time around. Regardless, enjoy!

#photography #photo #MastoArt #Landscape #nature

*slaps roof of the front door* this bad boy can fit so many welcome mats in it

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