@SuricrasiaOnline I started to try, but then I fell down a Happy Hardcore hole, so the best I'll be able to do is to throw this back out before I'm in too deep: music.ishkur.com/?query=Indust

@SuricrasiaOnline This slid directly from "That would be cool" to Ghost in the Shell-esque "What is individuality?"

Hi! New to Mastodon, and just trying to get a feel for the place :)

I make ink and pencil sketches and this one was Micron 005 :D She's an original character!

#original #sketch #portrait #drawing #illustration #animeart

That feel when you want to listen to two different albums Right Now, but your sensory processing won't let you just play them simultaneously

Hey, I'm opening space spell commissions ✨
Boosts would be awesome 💙

- A6 original watercolor, any colors/design
- 45€, worldwide shipping included
- upfront payment with paypal

#MastoArt #commissions #CommissionMe #CommissionsOpen

Random midnight thought but would a neutral term for guys/girls be.. gulls?

Okay it's time to introduce myself. Hello, I'm Dawner and I draw furry stuff(mostly). I dig doing adopts and custom character designs. Hell yeah. I'll go ahead and post some of my recent shit.

#introductions, #mastoart #commissionme

@anaisfae I have frequently predicted that that will be my eventual cause of death: "She died as she lived: failing to competently execute basic autonomous functions."

Here's something my newer followers might not have seen. This is a mosaic I made of LHA 120-N 44 with HST and Chandra data two years ago. It's in our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Hubble looks at a Soul pillar. This is a windblown, star-forming pillar in the Soul Nebula seen with near-infrared, visible, and narrowband filters. One of my favorite kind of objects. Enjoying the heck out of processing Raghvendra Sahai's observations.

Ok so masking fluid can be washed with white spirit!! #ArtTip
WHy brands never say this?! On my old Pébéo one, it says to wash it with water (spoiler: it doesn't work), and Talens don't ever bother to say anything..

Uspol 4th 

I was poking through my collection of comics&manga and this panel amused me

it's from - "Bougetsushou~Silent Sinner in Blue" by Aki★Eda

*slaps roof of outerspace* this bad boy can fit so many inner spaces in it

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