you all might see an invite from -- that's me, just doing a migration to tidy things up :)

Anyone got a account that I might be able to join in on?

I don't think I've mentioned this here: With another generous $100 donation, I'm halfway to my goal now! :D

Let's hit that $1,095 goal this year, which will put me at $5,000 Raised over the past 7 years!

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relationship advice no one asked for, but its good advice, and applicable to all types of loving relationships 

the person that loves you isn't the one that's super involved in all of your passions and hobbies, the person who shares your tastes, the one that knows every detail of your obscure aesthetic

the person that loves you is the one that's excited because YOU are excited, even if they don't understand a single fucking word you are saying. they are the people who send you something completely random outside of your realm of knowledge and crossed over into theirs because they see little bits of you in their world.

it doesn't matter if this is friendship or romance or platonic life stuff. that's a person that loves you.

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like how am i supposed to hate this. i can't hate this! it's ridiculous and it hurts my eyes in the best possible way! it's fantastic!!

anyway new meme draw your character in this

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Ugh, first world problems

Though of things go badly on November 3rd I may just shut off social media and rely on chat only

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Ugh, my AD Masto instance is shutting down, but I want to gather everyone together (horny on main, fuck it) and follow people from another instance, but that instance (monsterpit) doesn't allow connections from THIS instance to that one for privacy reasons, it seems

The downside of decentralization

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There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.
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Something I found on Tumblr today:

' Kindness is often mistaken for softness and let me tell you, friends….that is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Kind people are not born that way, they do not stumble into it, kind people are forged in fire and darkness and imploding stars…they have steel cores. Throw a punch and you’re going to break your hand. '

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Your robot gf has three categories of music she enjoys

1) music she likes to listen to
2) music she likes to play through her speakers
3) music she likes to quietly run through her own audio processing unit over and over because it feels nice.

You asked her about the third one and found out it contained mostly harsh noise and weird synthpop, but also a Backstreet Boys album she REFUSED to explain when asked

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okay I've got one more thing to say before I got to sleep:

during your life, you will notice endings. endings are easy to spot, and can be very hard to miss. everything ends, sooner or later, every life, every state of being, every place, every thing.

but the truth is that, every day, every moment, all around you, *things are also beginning*. every thing that ever ends had a beginning once. and in the beginning, everything is small and fragile.

we can't see the future, so we can't know what new things that begin around us will grow into tremendous things later on, and which will evaporate, never amounting to much.

so do what you can, in the small beginnings, every day. say something kind to a stranger. do a favor for someone in need. make a connection. strengthen a bond. plant a seed. start a habit.

all things will end eventually, but we've got several billion years before we run out of beginnings.

Extra Life's Game Day is in only 30 days! Join me in raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals though the power of gaming. Make a Donation Today!

I know this year will be especially difficult for most of us to be making donations. That being said, I would like to ask if you can boost this post, let's invite some of my friend's friends into the fold this year and donate For The Kids!

So I've been neglecting here a lot, but at the same time I've been visiting :birdsite: until I hit something political, and I wonder why I self-harm myself this way

Here, things are much nicer. Why do I not come here more often.

So hopefully I'm back!

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You might be an Internet Ancient if you: 

• remember Netscape Navigator

• ever used any modem with a bandwidth of 28,8 or lower

• had an Early Adopter account on Livejournal

• witnessed the rise and fall of PhPBB

• witnessed the rise and fall of Napster

• used the web before Google existed

• ever used a dialup BBS site

• remember Gopher

• ever downloaded music as .mod files

• remember when about 90% of the web was made up of personal sites which were "under construction" and had pictures of people's cats on them

• remember when Yahoo was literally just a big list of websites

• know IRC commands

• have heard anyone unironically use the phrase "information superhighway"

• can recognise different bandwidth modems by what bleepy handshake sound they make

• have ever received one of those chain e-mails where you have to scroll through about a kilometre of forwarded headers only to find a "hilarious" vaguely lewd image and/or a banal list like this one

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