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People don't give you advice on how to give writing advice, because the people in the best place to tell you you suck aren't able to politely tell you off. My advice:

Put away your rubrics. Don't look for adverbs. Just read. Note only your reactions: where you are bored, confused, annoyed, or delighted.

THEN go back and figure out why. The rules don't matter. All that matters is interesting or not. The rules are just helpful when you're failing.

a day I have the spoons for it I might migrate to another instance.

I was in the middle of typing up an email when the phone rang so I definitely answered the phone with "To whom it may concern?" instead of "[BUSINESS NAME], how can I help you?" I've never been so grateful to hear a robocall on the other end of the line in my entire life

cant believe im stuck in a groundhog day loop on someones birthday. . .

which is fine as long as I get support\safety I need? neither of them can be cured, only accomodated?

after ten years I dont care why, I only care about getting to move on with my life and live within the tiny window of activity I can manage.

I dont have the worse symptoms of cfs\me but I do have the whole 'get worse from even mild sustained\regular exertion not better'

but since I now have autism dx on top of my kidney dx (had the disabled issues before kidney dx, had no issues with possible aspiebrain things to disabling level before a ~8 month severe mono infection)

I cant actually get the cfs\me dx as it stands since its an exclusion-dx. aka the dx:es I have, despite issues before both, count as possible reasons.

'Your disease is real': Breakthrough in diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome

"[...]new research into the causation of the disease undercovering it's a pathological illness."

"Forcing someone to do exercise when their muscle cells are not producing enough ions to work properly is nothing short of cruelty, and these kind of treatment programs must end so that proper treatments can be found."


I know it's probably automatic importing of lists when changing server but I still get a bit happy seeing ppl refollow me.

Fifty seven flavors of “fuck your feelings,” including: you’re so emotional, virtue signaling, just being performative, fake geek girl, and more!

Seriously. How many flavors of “I don’t believe you feel what you say you feel” do we need?

it may be pre-prep hypnosis lucid dreamers do, or it may just be me talking to myself, but it still helps.

My dreams clearly dont think like I do and lack many assumptions or contexts I use when I make decisions.

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