Some of my favorite frames from episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that I’ve watched tonight

I’m still deep in Red Dead 2, haven’t finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, need to play more Dragon Quest XI, The Missing, and The World Ends with You Final Mix

…But Hitman 2 and Tetris Effect came out today and Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee is next week someone please help

Nintendo is unwilling to put Waluigi in Smash because they know the sins that he has committed and will return to if let loose in a free-for-all brawl

@TandyQ Also it‘s gay and has a stupid good Bowie knife joke A+++ would enjoy this movie again

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Jennifer’s Body is a legitimately amazing dark comedy horror film! It’s super smart too, examining toxic friendships (especially those between young women) and the vulnerabilities of adolescence. Apart from some glaringly-awful ableist language in the script, it’s super great.

I really appreciate this kid in Athens playing with a ball in the rain. It’s stumbling across small moments like this that make these Assassin’s Creed games special.

I’ve spent probably 10 hours over the last two days completely organizing my iTunes library—editing metadata & decoupling it from Apple Music (I’m canceling my subscription to that service). It’s finally done.

~1,500 albums, ~540 artists, ~18,000 songs, ~120 GB of music! Whew.

Simon Belmonty Python

Is... is that anything.......

I love that Paul Simon chose to play "Can't Run But" on SNL last weekend. Such a great, powerful song.

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