Reminder that if you’re into decorating yourself and surroundings with the aesthetics and decaying artifacts of peak 20th century, that you are a New Goth.

New Goth is Taco-Bell-pastel colored dead mall food court furniture, retro computing, Googie neon and brutalist retail architecture.

@Tanuki GOD I miss pastel Taco Bell

In what universe did it make thematic sense for a tex-mex restaurant to be off-pink??

@Tanuki @witchfynder_finder this makes sense given that another 80s trend was chrome letters that reflected what looks like a desert landscape :blobcatthinking2:

@Tanuki dammit, Tanuki! Now I need to re-furnish my home!

(PS: don't forget about the Palm Trees™, a requirement for any decent dead mall. Neon Palm Trees™? All the better.)

@ddipaola yea our 20th century ancestors were all about those!

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