Get out of here with that "Thread 👇" just make a web blog

@Tanuki or use an instance that doesn’t have a shit character cap

@Tanuki it’s almost like social media has democratized sharing information more easily than blogging platforms!

While I agree blogs should be used more, I find myself shooting off a thread more often because it is easier and feels a lot lower barrier. Some day I would like to go back through my threads and convert them into blog posts for posterity, though…

@cassidyjames perhaps there is something just a little insistent and annoying about it, a little coy like "allow me to waste minutes of your time rather than begin with a concise worded synopsis"

@Tanuki yeah, I generally don’t love the format of, “I am smart, buckle up, here is a thread!” but I still find myself posting something, then feeling the need to follow up/expand, and then it becomes a thread. If it were a blog post, that would be a first draft and then I would spend way too much time editing and mulling over the exact wording, and then the relevance is gone. 😅

@cassidyjames This is a problem though: our obsession with trending, minute-by-minute updates, FOMO, always being connected. You're right that relevance is a reason to do these threads with less of a filter, but avoiding that is a reason to use a blog / long form writing instead.

I'm reminded of people who think "honesty" / "being genuine" means not having a filter between your brain and your mouth. True honesty requires accuracy, carefully considering what you mean to say, IMHO

I agree, and also, before people dismiss this suggestion as gatekeeping or thresholding: making blogs is easy, rewarding, and fun. Most of the threads on here I've seen have been really well written so don't worry, just start writing and then link your post on here.

@Tanuki, any suggestions for easy-to-get-started-with blog hosts you could recommend? I have my own setup which took a li'l while to figure out.

@Sandra no recommendations at the moment; I haven't set up a new one in some years. The centralized option of is probably not what to recommend for anyone on the fediverse but it was easy.

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